Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Battle of the Landscapes – Round 1

We here at The Non-Review are very confrontational. If you don’t believe me, then I will ask you to step outside. However, some people consider this to be a “flaw” in our character, so we have sought ways to defuse our hostilities. One is to burn down the house of anyone who thinks we have flaws, but the other is to run “battles” on this site. We have run several of these in the past (we’ve been contentious for a long time) but if you’re new here, these battles are simply you voting between two things, in whatever category our brains come up with. This time we’ll be battling between different types of landscapes, so let’s get started with the first two…

 Ode to the Desert
You’re almost good enough
to be a dessert,
but c’mon, really,
would a few clouds hurt.
Ode to the Swamp
Not quite a river,
not quite a flood.
Make up your mind,
and enough with the mud.

And now that we’ve forced these two landscapes to confront one another, it’s your turn to be confrontational as well. Vote (by leaving a comment) for which landscape you think is the greatest. Voting ends on Saturday, so make sure to get yours in before then. Saturday is also when we’ll announce the winner of this round, and then throw two more landscapes at each other. Until then, we’ll just sit back and bask in the wonderful hostilities.


  1.  I live in the South, I'll go with swamp!
    S.B. NiccumAuthor WebsiteBlog

  2.  while both are liable to kill you, it is much easier to survive in a swamp.  Hate the mosquitos though.  But Swamp it is. 

  3. I agree with Budd, I am going to go with swamp.

  4. I am waiting outside here, but you aren't showing up.  What's up, Chicken Boy?

    I am taking the desert since it so closely resembles my face. 

  5. Desert.  Swamps are gross. (=

  6. This is hard. Both seem rather undesirable. I guess I'll vote for desert since it's a bit more attractive. So shallow of me.

  7. Alex J. CavanaughMay 17, 2011 at 1:00 PM

    Desert! Used to live in Arizona and deserts are beautiful. Besides, swamps are usually humid. And that's no fun! 

  8. I've been to the Everglades and Monument Valley. I would have to say I prefer the desert landscapes. It is awe inspiring. 

  9. I'll go for the swampyness and the threat of being attacked by gators.  That desert heat would melt off my mascara. :p 

  10.  Ask any one living in 36 to 44' Celsius and the answer will be a whooping swamp....besides childhood bouts of malaria gives us immunity from the frisky swampy mosquitoes.....ans as my bro always said...to learn from life, get your feet wet. :)

  11. What you say about the flaws is true. I once was a feeling a little introspective and decided I had flaws... had to burn my own place down.

    Totally voting desert. It grows a little every year, which means eventually we should all be living on Dune.

  12. Powdered_Toast_ManMay 19, 2011 at 10:57 PM

    Powdered Toast Man votes for the Swamp cuz that is where he takes his baths.

  13.  gators, water moccasins, humidity, oh my, I will take them desserts... I mean deserts.

  14. Well, since every planet or moon that we've ever landed on, and taken a picture of, looks just like a desert, then a vote for the desert would imply that Earth was nothing special. So I'm throwing a vote Swamp's way, since we've never found one anywhere else in the universe (so far).


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