Saturday, May 21, 2011

Battle of the Landscapes – Round 2

Wow. I was surprised to see that the previous battle between Desert and Swamp was neck and neck all the way to the end. And I’m sorry to have to report to all of you sun-loving, sand-adoring, heat-basking, dry-living fans, that Swamp won by one vote. But before we go cry in our beers (which are free for the first fifty callers) we have another battle to start:


Ode to the Mountains
You might be the tallest,
with peaks and passes,
but you’re really just a fight
between two land masses.

 Ode to the Grasslands
You’ve got a big sky,
and I often hear “Moo!”
But it would really suck
to have to mow you.

So it is now time for you to vote for what you think is the greatest landscape between these two. Vote by leaving a comment—but do so before Tuesday, which is when the voting ends and a new round begins.


  1.  Tough choices but with my weak lungs....mountains are only holiday I settle for the Savannah....

  2.  Grasslands. Mountains, I'm sure you're aware, are up high. That doesn't gel with me.

  3. I am going with mountains. 

  4. Alex J. CavanaughMay 21, 2011 at 1:50 PM

    I want my free beer!
    Mountains all the way. 

  5. No fair to start this challenge while I am out of town and have no internet service!!  Oh the poor Desert...I would have voted for your extreme temperatures and painful dryness.....(lol)
    I vote for beer...   what? ..... oh I was suppposed to cry in my beer.... well that is a different thing all together.....  Then I vote for mountains.... 

  6. are you allowed to vote in your own challenge??!!! LOL 

  7. haha... No, that's why me and Rep take turns writing these.

  8.  Mountains!  

  9. Mountains all the way, baby!  My dream is to live near the Rockies.  

  10. Toughie! I'd have to go with purple mountains majesty.

  11.  I think that the last vote was fixed! Can we get a recount? Or some heads examined? 

    One of the major things that I noticed when I went to Chicago a couple of years ago was how darn flat the middle of the country was. Some might say that it is expansive and makes you think big, not me. I see mountains and know how far I have come and just how much higher I have to go. Mountains are inspiring for me, the beauty, the change in ecosystems as you climb up and up, the fact that I have to bring my inhaler...all thrilling.

  12. Sebastian, friend!!!!

    Um. Mountains. (But don't tell the grasslands, that's sorta my stomping ground, yo.)

  13. Gwennie!!! *sigh* I miss everyone.

  14. Grasslands doesn't have a shot at winning this. Mountains all the way.


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