Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Battle of the Landscapes – Round 3

Well that was just embarrassing. With a score of 9 votes to a measly 2 votes, Mountains made Grasslands run home crying. Grasslands, savannah, prairie, plains. So many names, so easily defeated. And with that settled, it’s time for another battle between another two landscapes. At first, some people may say that these two landscapes are the same, but they’re actually very distinct, and anyone who disagrees will not get invited to the Non-Review End-Of-The-World Party, which will take place as soon as the world ends. (So keep your calendars open.) Until then, let’s continue with the next battle.


Ode to the Woods
Your trees can be majestic
And tall as a skyscraper.
But I have to say,
You make nice paper.

Ode to the Rainforest
You’re a wonderful place,
Strictly speaking,
Unless, of course,
My umbrella is leaking.

So it is now time for you to vote for what you think is the greatest landscape between these two. Vote by leaving a comment—but do so before Saturday, which is when the voting ends and a new round begins.


  1. I am going to have to go with, I can't decide.  I love them both. 

  2. I am going with woods for this one. Love me some woods.

  3. I would much rather be in the woods if I had to be somewhere, but I think I'll go with Rainforest since it has so many amazing animals.

  4. A walk through the woods...
    the smell of sandalwood and pine
    lingers, lingers on; even after 
    the rainforests are gone...

  5. For the reason you listed, paper, do I choose woods.

  6. Alex J. CavanaughMay 24, 2011 at 1:32 PM

    Woods. Too many deadly critters live in rainforests.

  7. I'm gonna go with woods...because my life long dream has been to see a real live black bear...and I doubt I'd find one in the rainforest.  Besides, too many hairy spiders in the rainforest, and I hate hairy spiders.

  8. I vote for woods (for obvious reasons).  Looks like it will be a landslide.....

  9. Come to Virginia. I've seen dozens of black bears over the course of my hiking life. Mostly on the Appalachian Trail, though, and it's definitely more fear than fun.

  10. What? Nobody's voting for the neglected, under-appreciated, and grossly misunderstood (I admit, I don't really know what makes rainforest a rainforest) rainforest? Do all these people have leaky umbrellas? Can I vote 10 times?

    PS I vote for the RAINFOREST!

  11. woods!  I've never been to a rainforest

  12. Woods are everywhere in Canada. I've had enough of them. I vote for rainforests!

  13. Well woods seems to have the landslide, but cos it's being destroyed so rapidly I think I'll go with Rainforest.


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