Saturday, May 28, 2011

Battle of the Landscapes – Round 4

This round is going to be a little unorthodox, and it's all my fault. When I came up with the brilliantly fantastic super-sweet idea (which the Nobel committee is still mulling over) of running a battle with all of the major landscapes, I immediately came up with seven. They were obvious. But as any seasoned battle operator knows, eight is the best number for a competition. Well, the poorly wired apparatus that is my brain, quickly thought of one of my favorites: the volcanic landscape. Problem was, nobody I asked really knew what that looked like. I did a graphic for it anyway. Then last week I had one of those smack-yourself-on-the-forehead moments, and realized a completely obvious landscape, that should have been in the original eight all along. So there’s the explanation as to why there are three landscapes battling it out in this round—it hurt too much to kick Volcanic out of the competition after I’d compiled such a pretty graphic for it. You still only get to vote for one of them, though, and here they are:


Ode to the Snow
There’s something about you
That everyone loves,
But how do you always
Find a way into my gloves?
Ode to Volcanic
You’re both loved and feared,
Without a doubt,
But, easy on the lava, dude,
You need to chill out.
Ode to the Canyons
You look strong, but hey,
You’re obviously weak,
If you can be beat
By simply a creek.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Woods beat Rainforest in the previous round (9 votes to 4), which makes this the last round before the semi-finals. So get out there and vote for what you think is the greatest landscape between these three. Vote by leaving a comment—but do so before Tuesday, which is when the voting ends and the semi-finals begin.


  1. Snow for me, since I have seen the other spots closer home...we don't have the a grand canyon per se but we do have the Ghats (canyon like formations).

  2. I vote for the volcano. It's the most exciting option.

  3. Let's see, the snow is out. I hate snow with a passion; too wet, too cold, and way too freaking dangerous to drive in.

    Then there is the canyons....pretty, majestic, but dry and usually full of tourists.

    Where can I live that people will leave me alone and I can blame my poor gardening skills on something else? Give me some lava beds! They are a good reminder that every thing can end in a blink of the eye and that humans will NEVER be able to tame Mother Nature. 

  4. I am going with snow for this one.

  5. How could I not vote for volcano? It's got everything you want. Lava... Ash... Rocks... Ice cream. Volcanoes have ice cream right?

  6. Canyons. They are gorgeous, gaping and awe inspiring. (=

  7. I vote for canyons.  Although it was a tight race (in my brain).

  8. Of course they have ice cream! Duh. Why do you think they make them cone shaped?

  9. Oh, of course, I knew there had to be a reason.

  10. Did you read the comments that your adult coloring book image generated on my blog??  Maybe you have a side job selling images for card makers!! ha 
    Of all the cards I posted that day the one I made with your image got the best comments!  Go you!

  11. Aw that's really cool. If I wasn't so hit and miss with my drawings I might try something like that.

  12. Volcanic for sure. Looks like Mars, or more specifically, looks like Mars in Total Recall.

  13. Canyons!  (If anyone answers "snow", I'm gonna suggest they move to the Great White North and have them answer that question again in a year....heehee.)

  14. I did answer snow...maybe I will move to the Great White North....I would  prefer frostbite to presently burning, tanned skin.... ;P

  15. I liked snow until I moved somewhere that it requires shoveling and trudging around in.  Volcanic sounds nice but not very safe, for those reasons, Canyons win for me. 

  16. Canyons, fer shore!


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