Friday, July 1, 2011

7 Word Weekend Movie Review: Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Larry Crowne, and various campaigns

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

Transformers: Dark of the Moon - The games I played were more entertaining.

Larry Crowne - George Takei is in it? Oh my...

Monte Carlo - Like a tiny package of heck no.

Terri (limited) - John C. Reilly makes anything look good.

Why do we do it? Why do we regard 'heck' as more socially proper than say saying 'hell'? Means the same things. I think I'm going to start a campaign to end the facade. my motto will be "Say Hells No to Heck Yeah!"

What could I possibly say about Larry Crowne that the commercials haven't already said? I mean they're trying to validate Wilmer Valderama's existence again, and I just can't condone that. However Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are such an tired easy sell that I'm sure it will do well. Frankly though from what I've seen on the commercials it looks like a decent if not somewhat bland movie. Like drinking warm milk. On the other hand it's actually written and directed by Hanks, which does interest me enough to check it out on video. And of course it does have George Takei, and that almost makes it worth a go. Oh, and anybody who read the 7 word review of it in Takei's voice, is clearly my kind of people.

Granted I didn't have the special effects when I was 7- (...okay I still like playing with Tranformers, but at least I've matured to where I don't own any anymore) but I'm willing to bet the games I played had better stories than the movies. In the case of the first one, it wasn't great script wise, but it was still a fun blast, watching robots destroy a city. The second one though was such an atrocious mess that even Michael Bay felt he had to apologize for it. Whereas I was gung ho to watch the first two opening weekend, I've got no hurry this go round. I've heard bad to horrible things about the new installment. "Better than the last but still crap" seems to be the sentiment most expressed. I will get around to watching it, if for no other reason than, well c'mon, robots blowing up stuff, but I guess, as I get older, I'm just looking for a little more substance to go along with that.

Monte Carlo... It's a Selena Gomez vehicle. Is there anything else that needs to be said?

Speaking of campaigns... No, I was, remember? Back towards the top. There you go. I along with Rep will soon be starting to post in relation to The Dinosaur Party, which for those who don't remember or are new, is the political party I created to push forward a movement to vote dinosaurs into office in 2012. I'm appealing to you fine people who have not clicked like yet on facebook, to do so here: Vote Dinosaurs in 2012
When I get to 25 'likes', I can officially create a custom name for the page. So please, do me a favor and click like. And if you haven't and don't mind, why not 'like' TNR's facebook page too? Alright, enough self promotion. I do it so rarely, I hope you'll forgive this mild imposition. 

To my Canadian friends up north, Happy Canada Day! And to to all those down here in the US, have a happy 4th of July Weekend!


  1. don't let cal hear you talk about a Selena Gomez vehicle that way. 

  2. Meh, Cal hasn't been by my blog in about 2 months. I doubt I'll hear anything about it.

  3. Alex J. CavanaughJuly 1, 2011 at 1:24 PM

    Go see the third one! Much better than the second - better plot. And the special effects are amazing.

  4. I will wait for Transformers to hit netflix.

  5. I might. It is still Optimus Prime after all.

  6. Monte Carlo... It's a Selena Gomez vehicle. Is there anything else that needs to be said?

    I know right? Thankfully there is only one person making family freindly movies thatmake me laugh. Good thing we haveMichael bAY TO EVEN THINGS OUT.

  7. Alright, fine, Selena is alright. At least by the standards of most Disney alumni. I have enjoyed her in a couple things.
    But you have to admit that the plot of Monte Carlo is so generic, that it's little more than a place to hang her name.

  8. Yikes I haven't even seen Transformers 2 yet.... and part of it was filmed literally 10 minutes from where I live.  I need to be catching up!

  9. George Takei is so creepy.
    Selena Gomez is just about the cutest thing going these days.

  10. Thank you Pat. Seems that everyone is hating on my best girl these days. Oh and though it say Josie Heighton it still is Kal doing the commenting. I have been using my mother's lab top a lot lately.

  11. See, now that would have been good to know. 

  12. I actually thought transformers was decent - BUT that's probably because I watched it expecting to hate it. Low expectations, reaaaaally low expectations, help any film be good.

  13. I won't you let Wilmer Valderama's star power soar like it should?


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