Thursday, July 21, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger - Reviewed by Bruce Wayne

I'm invited to just about every premiere that graces the screens of Gotham, but I can't be expected to attend every movie. After all I'm a very busy man. However, after the wonderful Batman films, I thought I would give this Captain America a chance. Unlike the Batman films, this one was not based on any real events. Not having any horrible exploits in the back of mind while watching, I figured, would only make the experience more enjoyable.

Admittedly, I've never been much of a fan of Marvel Comics. I'm more of a fan of Dark Horse Comics. Frank Miller in particular I've always liked. Still, movies are different and I went into it with an open mind. First, the red carpet and all the pre-showing hoopla, was fantastic as always. I don't mind telling you I enjoyed a couple cocktails, and made plans to enjoy a couple waitresses at a later date. But that's really not pertinent.

There have been several superhero films already this year. Most of them... trash. The Green Lantern... poorly written, and not at all like it really went down. But that's alright, I've always thought the real Hal Jordan was a prick. Honestly the best of the crop so far has been X-Men, another Marvel film. So that was certainly an encouraging factor in seeing Captain America. Hmm... what's that light up in the sky? Oh well, that can wait I guess. But enough chatter, let's discuss the actual film.

I worried going into it the whole 'First Avenger' thing would weigh it down the way the SHIELD subplot ruined Iron Man 2 and Thor for me. Chris Evans is perfect in the lead role. He plays it with charm and bad assery. And speaking of bad asses, Tommy Lee Jones reminded me of why he used to be the man. The film has a lot going for it. Captain America is no Batman (who is?) but he isn't afraid to kick butt. In fact the action sequences, I felt were some of the best this year. Sure, there's story, but let's face it, we're sitting in the theater to see some American Popsicle looking dude beat villains heads in. And on that the film delivers nicely, using less CGI than some of the other films released this year, which I always appreciate.

Do you hear a phone ringing? Never mind, never mind.

Captain America: The First Avenger can be a bit cheesy in places, but in a good fun way. It has a good sense of humor delivering some decent jokes. Overall, I would say it's the best superhero film of the year, and one of Marvel's best to date. With that in mind, I was still unsatisfied at the end of the film. I like a more serious, darker tone to my hero films. And much as it raises my interest in the Avengers movie next year, it did little to convert me from DC to Marvel.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to, er, um be going...


  1. This was hilarious to me. Loved the review.

  2. Bruce, sometimes you get the superhero movie you need and not the superhero movie that you want.

  3. Well, you made me want to see it!

  4. So if I'm hearing you right, you liked it, but if they tossed a little Dark Knight in you wouldn't object.

  5. I still plan on seeing it tomorrow, and I am a DC guy.

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