Thursday, August 25, 2011

Non-Quotes: Redemption Road

Redemption Road opens in limited release this weekend. I thought it would fun to take a look at what some of the critics are saying.

"I didn't understand the point of it. Where was all the dancing?"
Isram Sheema - The Bollywood Reporter

"Mario Van Peebles? Who let that clown out of the sewer?"
Austin Temple - Christian Movie Bi-Weekly

"Loved it. Had a ball."
Harlem Willis - Globe & Trotter

"It certainly was a movie."
Wayne Newton - Wayne Newton Daily

"Michael Clark Who? What's a Luke Perry? What's with all the lights?
Jim Smith - Crotchety Old Man Digest

"Movie of the millennium. Seriously, pure heart tugging gold. I'd like to marry this movie and have little movie babies with it."
Everett Johnson - Guy who snuck in

"Aren't I dead!?"
Barry Goldwater - Senator


  1. Great quotes! So funny. I will seriously consider their opinions.

  2. And what is a Luke Perry? Is that a breed of Donna? or Brenda?

  3. These are great. Any movie with Luke Perry has FAIL written all over it.

  4. Ok, the reviews are funny, but I've never heard of the movie. :)

  5. haha unexpected and awesome post

    Can the crotchety old man have his own article next time? He's got some good thoughts.


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