Sunday, August 21, 2011

This Week in The Non-Review

I considered using this as my banner (obviously bigger), but decided to stay classy. I might still use this for a bumper sticker though. It's daring and edgy, in ways that I absolutely am not. 

I also learned that the number 2 position for this month, in search terms used to find this site, is the phrase "Waldo is in my pants". I have no idea why Waldo is in other people's pants, but at least, they know where he is.

And finally, I learned that if at first you don't succeed, don't be a surgeon. 

Hope your Sunday finds you well, or at the very least, finds you.


  1. I never could find waldo and now I know why

  2. i thought the line was "in bed" oh well. hope you're enjoying your sunday!

  3. I dig the lettering in that banner.
    Not going to even ask about the Waldo thing.

  4. lol... other thing you're not cut out for, if you don't succeed first time out: skydiving ;)

    i'm with alex, and don't wanna know...

    as for the banner... lovin it!

  5. @Keetha, Thank you. I appreciate yours as well.

    @PTM, It's scary isn't it?

    @Ally, That's for fortune cookies. Though I shall apply it to children's books now too. Goodnight Moon... In bed.

    @Alex, Yeah I thought the font was cool, which is what I was playing with. I have no idea where the Waldo thing comes in.

    @LaughingWolf, Yes! Sky Diving is a baaaad idea. haha

  6. If you used that as your banner I think it would work. It really looks cool with the rest of your site. I like the statement about succeeding...I may have to use that one in the future.

  7. I love that banner. I think it would work on here or a bumper sticker! I am still laughing at the "if at first..." comment! lol Thanks for the laugh! Stacy

  8. Love the banner...Waldo reminds me of a certain someone. back after a burnout/ many posts to catch up...will be back.

  9. "Waldo is in my pants" - OMG that is so funny. Thanks for the laugh :)
    (I prefer you current banner)

  10. If that becomes a bumper sticker where do I sign up to get one?


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