Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Dinosaur Party Candidates: Mr. Cam Pane

Mr. Cam Pane
(Plesiosaurus - Herbivore)

Welcome, welcome. Is this thing on? Yes, it's true, I've decided step into the political arena. Or at the very least, stick a fin in the electoral kiddie pool. 

[pauses for laughs, but none come]

Naturally, you might assume because of my habitat, that I would be concerned with issues relating to our oceans. Of course I am, but I'm also interested in preserving the environment as a whole. It saddens me to see once beautiful lands destroyed because they were not properly maintained. I can remember when people used to have respect for the earth. I am of course talking about the 70's. That weeping Native American, looking at all the trash, still brings tears to my eyes when I think about him. If I am elected I will work diligently with our law makers to ensure that moving forward, this country's polices will work to clean up our homeland. 

Then maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to look that weeping Native American in the eyes and tell him, he doesn't have to cry anymore.

Thank you and goodnight. Oh, sorry, morning.

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  1. I love Mr. Cam Pane. In Canada he would belong to the Green Party which never gets any votes to speak of.

  2. Well does he like Cajun peppers...the Injun of a diff kind wants to know...then my vote goes to him. :)

  3. Why don't you just give the weepy Native American a tissue? ahhh hhaaahh!!!

  4. Ah...send him to Pennsylvania where he can start by cleaning up all the horrendous trash along the roadsides. It's disgusting.

  5. @Belle, I believe he's an ex green party member. lol

    @Kal, What do you mean I come up with? Don't you think his parents named him? Alright, maybe there was some help in assigning non-lizard names.

    @Rek, he is a fan of all peppers. Anything that takes away from the flavor of fish, which is his staple diet.

    @Alex, Refreshing, no?

    @Copy, He'd just throw it on the ground when he was done, which would start him going again.

    @Marlene, I'm sure if it'll mean your vote, he'll be willing to start there.

  6. His heart is in the right place. Not sure he should quit his day job but he is rather endearing.

  7. I liked his joke and thought his stance on improving the environment was great, but thinking it's night when it's morning is inexcusable.

  8. I'm not sure that Iron Eyes Cody would see Mr. Cam Pane as anything others than food and a tremendous amount of hide to make things with.


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