Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Win At Internets vol. 4

Welcome to another edition of TS was too lazy to write a real post for today so instead he's posting miscellaneous images he created for his tumblr blog. I really need an easier title than that. Maybe if I abbreviate? Welcome to another edition of TSWTLTWARPFTSIHPMIHCFHTB! Hey, it spelled warp in the middle. Anyways, these are images I didn't have a post for so I haven't used them here previously, presented with little to no commentary.

Click to enlarge if needed. Not so much of a hassle since blogger installed the lightbox viewer.

This is my most popular one on tumblr so far. And I put the least amount of work into it, so... Win?

I'm passionate about my apathy.

Those of you who read the Ductor Who gag I did, I'm also creating one off images for each of the Ductors.
I actually spent twice as long creating a TARDIS than the David Tennant duck. Stupid angles. 

And then I forgot to save the TARDIS separate from the doctor, before I pasted him over it, which means when I thought up this gag I was without one. It's a lot crappier than the above one, but hey, I did it in 15 minutes on MS Paint, what do you expect?

This is my favorite way to draw bunnies. 


  1. The sun can be a jerk sometimes, sure, he gives us heat/energy/light etc, but heat waves are just plain cruel.

  2. Why does the "Meh" guy look like he has to go to the bathroom?

  3. The bunnies have the kind of ears that can peirce a man's heart at 20 feet. Coooool.

  4. I love these, especially your apathy.

  5. Yes, the win's a win. I'm most impressed, though, with the Ducktor's tennies.

  6. Like the apathy one. Are you also ambitiously lazy?

  7. A TARDIS artist?? I never knew...who?

  8. @Camel, Plus he's always hording raisins.

    @Gwen, I think some things are better left unknown.

    @Kal, Pierce the heart with soft cuddles maybe.

    @Belle, Thank you.

    @Robyn, You know, those things took an inordinate amount of time to do. Good thing I lack a real social life. hahaha... now I've made myself sad.

    @Alex, I've always said it's hard work being lazy.

    @Chuck, Lol, yes indeed.

  9. My favorite has to be the mean sun. :)

  10. Here's to apathy!
    They are all pretty darn good.
    You are even more multi-talented than I thought...

  11. The meh one is my favorite ...

    And it's always a confused but happy feeling when something you put so little effort into is well liked.


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