Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This Week's Playlist

Been awhile since I did post of music. As the summer begins winding down (though you wouldn't think it would you?) I find myself in the mood for a very eclectic mix of tunes. Everything from the fast frenetic energy of an action packed summer day, to the mellow cozy nights. Here's what I'm listening to this week:

Five Iron Frenzy - "Plan B"
I've had many a day like that fit this song. I love how the music is so bouncy and contrary to the sentiment expressed in the lyrics.

Reid Jamieson - "My Green Thumb"
I would have liked to post an album version, but this live one is still great. I have been digging on this song since I first heard it last week.

Maite Perroni - "Ave Maria"
I don't know why I love this version as much as I do. As to why I even know of it? It played in the telenovella Maite was starring in at the time. Oh what, you've never gotten hooked on a telenovella despite not knowing how to speak Spanish and there not being any English subtitles? Shyeah, like I'm the only one. The pictures on the video are distracting and annoying to me, so I suggest not actually watching the video so much as listening.

So, what's on your playlist this week?


  1. Since I just got the new Dream Theater yesterday, I'm jamming that CD!

  2. Certainly none of these cool diddys. I have to update my playlist now. I guess I'll get rid of my Tesla songs or maybe Nelson.

  3. I'm afraid I didn't listen to any of them. Hubby is sitting next to me watching the depressing news. Wouldn't want to disrupt the depressed mood, and all with some spunky music, now, would we? ;)

  4. I have been on a retro Tool kick for awhile now. I actually spent about an hour and a half one night watching lyric videos on youtube of most of the old Tool songs. It was very cathartic.

  5. I liked My Green Thumb. Thanks for sharing.

  6. My Ipod is totally in random mode and I have thousands of songs on it. I don't know the first two songs you mentioned, but I'll check 'em out.

  7. Got to check out the dude in the middle....I might have seen the 5F you tube before (when I used to aimlessly surf the net a few months ago)...the lady looks familiar.
    The only Spanish songs I have heard are Enrique and his father's and some Latino singer I don't remember in original.



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