Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fortune Cookie Fortune For Your Week #1


  1. I was trying to think of another good canned beef. Spam, corned beef, salmon, etc. You're right, they're all gross out of the can. How wise and insightful.

  2. Hey hey now cookie! Spam is good..although it does get cold fast and hash is also pretty awesome.

  3. ;D ;D ;D
    As a ovo-lacto-veg lady, all I know is Canned sweet corn and strawberry taste fab...and lucky number digits should always add up to odd nos...all other cookies are fit only for digestion.

  4. Tuna is great, but so is spam!
    And how about sardines?
    I always feel robbed when I get a fortune cookie, because I hate the almond cookie that usually comes with them...

  5. In New Zealand, you can get all manner of canned meat. Corned beef, mutton, pork ... I think I'll stay with tuna.


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