Friday, January 6, 2012

The Devil Inside, Beneath the Darkness: 7 Word Weekend

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

Beneath the Darkness (limited) - Sometimes I really miss good Dennis Quaid.

The Devil Inside - Your science got in my religion. Mmm...

Okay, so maybe I was already jaded in my youth, but when people compare all exorcism films against The Exorcist, I could honestly care less about how it stacks up. When I first watched The Exorcist I was around 16 and thought it was boring. Yes, boring. Throughout my years I've found pretty much most of the demonic possession films I've seen to be rather dull. So when I first heard about The Devil Inside, well, needless to say, I greeted it with a great big "who cares?" I've also hated most of the films that have tried to surf the Paranormal Activity wave. Sure I liked the first PA, but I still think that was mostly fluke. All that said, when I watched the red band trailer for The Devil Inside, I found myself interested. It's not the whole science and religion approach as that seems like they're trying to make too big of a deal out of the concept. Perhaps it's just that I like to see nuns and priests possessed. Yeah, let's go with that. Whatever the reason, while I'll wait for it to hit DVD (though I'm sure it'll win the box office this weekend) I do plan on checking it out.

Okay, so maybe I wasn't the most fair to Dennis Quaid. He has done some decent films in the last decade. But I'm thinking it was about four at the most. I did, surprisingly enough, enjoy Vantage Point. But don't make me start name dropping films like the Yours, Mine and Ours and Flight of the Phoenix remakes, because no one wants to think about those particular abominations. I still love him and think he's a good actor, he just has a habit of ending up in bad films. With Beneath the Darkeness, Quaid finds himself playing a villainous mortician, keen on killing the local teens when they get snooping. I'm sorry, but in real life, if the Scooby Doo gang went around investigating, they'd be hacked to bits. And to me that's what the film looks like. A bad attempt at an adult Scooby Doo story line. Overacting included. But don't take my word for it, have a look at the trailer for yourself, but be warned, if sensitive ears are around, there's some naughty language:

Mind you I fully plan on seeing it eventually. Hey I said he was a grown up Scooby Doo villain. I never said I thought that was a bad thing.

Or Stay In This Weekend With:

Since this seems to be a horror themed weekend. I'm going to recommend for those looking for some stay at home gore, Tucker and Dale vs Evil. As the film is now available through Netflix, a lot of you are out of excuses not to watch it. The film is a hilarious play on hillbilly horror films. Focusing on Tucker and Dale, two innocent red necks who want nothing more than to fix up their vacation home. Unfortunately some local teens on a camping trip get the impression that Tucker and Dale are psychotic hillbillies. As the teens plan to uncover the truth, they one by one find their demise through accidents of their own making. The film is a bit gory, but it's intelligently written and well done. Plus it stars Alan Tudyk, who is always great. It's a fun horror film that doesn't disappoint. 7.5 out of 10

I seem to be having a problem with blogger lately. I'm commenting on people's blogs but then my comment disappears. I've noted it a few times now. Also when I'm writing up posts, it refuses to publish them according to what date I publish them, but rather by what day I wrote it. Anyone else having similar issues?


  1. Sorry Blogger is eating your comments!
    Bit of a void this weekend in movies. I got Tucker & Dale vs Evil BluRay for Christmas so staying in to watch it again sounds great to me.

  2. I haven't had the disappearing-comment issue, but have had the scheduled posts not work. I schedule it, and then when I check later to see if it published, it somehow goes back to "draft".

    Beneath the Darkness reminds me of Mr. Brooks & Disturbia mashed together, only not as good.

    Enemy Mine & Dragonheart will always be my two favorite Dennis Quaid movies. I know Dragonheart had horrible acting & plot, but hey! It had a dragon so I can't resist.

  3. "The Devil Inside" looks super schlocky and bad to me, but then again, I'm not much of a horror buff.

    Dennis Quaid is one of those good-looking dudes that can kind of act. Then you look at his IMDB and wonder why he's been in so much shit. He's better than average in fare like "The Rookie," but he doesn't seem to have much in his tool box that pushes his performances past above-average.

  4. one of my co-workers would not shut up about how excited/terrified she was to see Devil Inside at midnight the other day. I didn't (and still don't) understand or share her enthusiasm.

  5. I was supposed to see the Devil Inside today, but me and the work wife never got our crap together. :p

    That sucks about the comments and posts. I hope this dysfunction does not spread.

  6. @Alex, It's a great movie isn't it?

    @Sarah, Blogger's been frustrating lately, but I think it might be because I've been running multiple google accounts simultaneously lately. I love Dragonheart, Pete Postlethwaite is hilarious!

    @Steve, Are you blogging again? That'd be awesome. I actually thought the Rookie was very dull. He's done a lot of duds, but he's done some really underrated films too.

    @MRanthrope, Normally it's the type of film that just wouldn't appeal to me. I'll put it like this though, there's a kind of film that's fun to watch if you have a group of people together, and that looks like that kind of film.

    @Adorably, Work, she be a cruel mistress. haha

  7. I have had a couple comments disappear no major issue. I figured it was the format of the blog I was leaving it on (non-blogger). Doubt I'll see any of those as I am working my way through the latest releases. Just saw Sherlock Holmes and MI Ghost Protocol and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. Next week....Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Happy New Year, Dude!

  8. I got news for you. People are deleting your comments. The cleverness of your comments upstages the blog post you commented on. That's my excuse for deleting them anyway. ;)

  9. Problems with Blogger seem to come in waves. I did have trouble a few weeks ago and so did some of my friends. I guess it's moved on to you.

  10. I'm sure you already know how to do this but in case you don't.... after you type up your post and are ready to schedule it to post just click on POST OPTIONS. There will be a place to type in the Date and Time you want your post to post.

    If that isn't the problem then I probably can't help you. And I have no clue on the lost comments. I'm sure they are the comments you are leaving my blog right??!!! LOL hugs!!

  11. @ TS - I am indeed blogging a bit again! Actually, my cat is doing a good portion of the heavy lifting as well... I've had some free time lately, so I've been doing my best to do an entry every other day or so, at least for the past week.

    Unfortunately, the only part of the routine that hasn't come back completely yet is reading other blogs... Gotta get back in the swing of that this month.

  12. Ha. I now get your "Don't delete this comment" on camel's blog.

    As for the post ... I'm a big wuss when it comes to scary movies so I think I'll be dodging all of these.

  13. My wild imagination and horror stories put together don't bode well for my tender, clogged heart..... as DF clip please... :)

  14. Want to see a lot of possessed nuns? Just go to Catechism... All the nuns I rememeber there were crazy!
    I was having tons of commenting problems until about a month ago. I finally noticed that all the problems had to do with blogs that didn't have comments in a pop-up box. It all seems okay now.


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