Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear John Letter For Today

Dear Today*,

If you're reading this, than I'm already gone.

Surely you must have seen the signs. The constant frustrations. You, doing things on purpose to get on my nerves. Me, watching the hands on the clock tick down, willing them to speed up. I'm not even sure when it was we first started drifting apart. Seems just this morning we were doing good. The sun was shining, and everything seemed new and beautiful. Somehow though, you changed.

First a cold shoulder. Don't think I didn't notice the signs. Other people merrily rejoicing in you, extolling the wondrous gifts you had bestowed upon them. I knew from the moment I saw that smile upon his face that you were cheating on me. A pinch of jealousy, a hint of envy, and a dash of anger; my quickly rising recipe for a cake of contempt grew in my soul. You were supposed to be my day, not another's.  I swallowed hard the bitter lump that clung to the back of my throat as I did my best to congratulate your new love on their happiness. After all it wasn't their fault you'd spurned me.

And so I am leaving you. Granted, it may yet take some time. But you see, you're not the only one capable of making new friends. Tomorrow has been whispering sweet promises in my ear. Soothing words of possibilities, exchanging your harsh epithets for heart felt sentiments. Where you have been cold to me, tomorrow has offered 60 degree weather.

Yes, you shan't see me again. Tomorrow is my destiny, my future, while you, today, will soon be nothing more than a chapter in my yesterdays.


*Written yesterday


  1. Today is so darn fickle! Great writing Tim
    "...a cake of contempt." that's a good line.

  2. Great writing, great post. I share your sentiments. A great big eff you to today.

  3. I loved this. Original, interesting and funny!

  4. I'm usually just happy to get through with Today.

    And I agree with Pat--that cake line made me happy inside reading it.

  5. ....60 degree weather is warm?! ha. Sorry, I'm used to getting sunburned year round and love bundling up when it get low to 60degrees-ish.

  6. Way to tell off Today!! On to tomorrow... You are so fickle TS. LOL

  7. I was the one cheating on Today, TS. I'm sorry to have to tell you that. Today read me your letter, though, and we laughed and laughed...

  8. But the day isn't over until the fat lady sings...what about if she turned adorable in the last fifteen minutes?


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