Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Does Dick Clark's Death Heralds The End Of The World?

November 30, 1929 – April 18, 2012

I loved Dick Clark. Like millions of others, he was a part of the New Year's tradition for my family. So please don't take this the wrong way when I ask, does this mean the Mayan were right? I'm pretty sure we can't proceed into 2013 without Dick Clark here to move the hands of time. Admit it, you all know he was responsible for the changing of the years. The Mayan spoke of change and I think this is it: We're going to be stuck in the year 2012 forever.

RIP Dick Clark. You shall be missed in more ways than you ever thought.


  1. I saw that earlier. What will we do this New Year's Eve?

  2. So sad... You could be on to something.... What will we do ?

  3. It's worse than you know because if he can die then maybe he didn't make a deal at the Crossroads for eternal youth like we always believed. That means we can't count on the Devil to pull us out of the shit because there is no Devil.

  4. This just means that we'll be seeing more and more of Ryan Seacrest. He is, after all, this generation's Dick Clark. He might even had something to do with his untimely demise...


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