Friday, July 13, 2012

Wherein I don't Discuss Ice Age: Continental Drift: 7 Word Weekend Review

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

Ice Age: Continental Drift - Eventually the extinct creatures will die, right?


Things I'd rather do than watch the latest Ice Age film

Drum roll please...

10. Stand in the corner while the Blair Witch kills my friend. 

9. Wonder why the first thing to come to mind was the Blair Witch project when I haven't watched that since it came out.

8. Worry that I'm just wasting this list with inane discussions of Bell Witches.

7. Realize that I said Bell Witch, which is in fact the story the Blair Witch is based on.

6. Actually I live like an hour away from the site, yet I've never gone. You live here but never think to do these things.

5. Course I also live in a town where a guy is supposed to have spontaneously combusted. Mind you that depends on the story. His daughter theorized aliens. At any rate, the earth has been permanently scorched there since it happened decades ago.

4. Or so I hear. Again, never have taken the time to check it out. Also something I'd rather do than watch Ice Age. Boy this has been getting off track.

3. Sit.

2. Spin.

1. Rewatch The Blair Witch Project to see if it's as boring as I remember it being. 

In case you hadn't guessed by now, I've never been a huge fan of the Ice Age series. I'm an animation nut, but it's just not my cup of tea. Even if this one does have Nick Frost in it. 


Good stay at home movies... 21 Jump Street is out on DVD, though it's hardly what I'd call a kids movie. Surprisingly hilarious, if not more than a little crude in places. For more gentle humour, Netflix is now streaming The Decoy Bride, a David Tennant romcom. It has some weak points, but it's pretty funny in places and has some really sweet moments.

Next week is all about The Dark Knight Rises. Are you psyched to see it?

What are your plans this weekend? I realize I'm in the minority with my aversion to Ice Age as this is the 400th(?) film in the series, so I'll forgive you if you're going to see it. I know, it's big of me. What can I say, I'm just that kind of guy.


  1. Sadly, I will be seeing Ice Age IV as my wife is in love with Scrat.
    Thank God The Dark Knight Rises is next week!

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  3. Nope. Not going to see it. The Ice Age films have never really attracted me, thoughI know people like them. Personally, I groaned when I saw the poster for this movie. True story.

  4. *Looks at comments* Well that escalated and then de-escalated quickly.

    I kind of want to see Ice Age to see what those movies are all about (not literally, literally I know what they are about but...ah, you get what I'm saying.), but I keep saying I'll see them...any of them and I never do. So with that said, oh yeah, I'll totally go see Ice Age.

    1. That guy is a common spam thing. It's been put on tons of blogs. A lot of us are just used to ignoring it.

  5. I will go see Ice Age 17 when it's in theaters. Is the Blair Witch still alive? I have so many questions to ask her. I will sell my grandmother in order to see the dark knight.

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  7. you're not alone sir, I've never seen ANY of the Ice Age films and seriously can't wait for those adorable little critters to die off from my theater's permanently.

  8. Great list, uh, yeah. One of your most coherent ever.

  9. TS, I find it amazing that the dinosaurs lived as long as they have in the Ice Age.

  10. I'll pass on this Ice Age and any other. I'm so sorry you hated the Blair Witch Project. I don't scare easily, but THAT movie had parts that scared the crap out of me. Other than your misguided opinion on that movie, I still think you are genius and a man for all ages.

  11. I'm going to go see it with my 5 kids. I like the Ice Age movies. so there! LOL (jk)


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