Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bane 2?! Female Bane To Be Featured In Next Batman Film?

With rumors swirling over the last couple of weeks about Batman appearing at the end of the new Superman film, and what direction the next Batman film will take, it seems inevitable that rumors (regardless of how early it is) would begin popping up about the villain. Now pictures of a "Female Bane" have begun to surface as possible conceptual art. See below:

The head gear is almost as bad as TDKR but hey, at least she has hair right?

Don't know about the rest of the armor though... Looks a bit too much like a foot soldier for Shredder.


*Alright fine, these are actually pictures from The Demolitionist, but you have to admit, it's a little funny.


  1. Puts me in mind of Seven of Nine.
    Bane was a character that appeared after I stopped reading the comics, so no idea if there ever was a female Bane. Or if there should be one.

  2. I completely thought of Shredder too! XD

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  5. I was wondering what would break first, his spirit or his body!

    1. Dude, that is truly one fantastically, odd handle you've picked.

  6. A female Bane? I don't believe it. Funny to think about though. You got me on the picture. LOL

  7. A female Bane? Why not? I have a female assassin in my books. I think women make excellent villains!

  8. Haha that is a good use of a footnote.

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