Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekend Movie Discussion: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, The Call

I'll say this about The Call: Somehow Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin seem a natural fit together. As if the two of their careers were always on a path to collide in this one perfect storm. Mind you I have no desire to watch that storm, but I'm sure it'll be perfect. Those of you undying Halle Berry fans out there, let me know when you've seen it, if it was was all thunder and lightning, or merely a tish windy. Not that it could possibly disappoint. We're talking George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg drowning with a downed fishing boat kind of perfect storm here. It's John C. Reilly's last words "This is gonna be hard on my little boy" before he goes under kind of a perfect storm.

Yeah... I'm not really sure where I was going with all of that either. Once I said perfect storm I just started thinking of the movie... Man that's a great, if not horribly depressing, film. 

I love magic, good and bad. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone has all the marks of being a fun but absolutely forgettable film. And sometimes that's all you want in a movie. A few cheap laughs, a handful of popcorn, and thou. Well not you thou, per se, but a thou. Steve Carell and Jim Carrey look to be playing the type of characters they've always been comfortable with. Oddly enough, though they're both known for comedy, I've always liked the two of them better in dramatic roles. It also has Steve Buscemi, who I like better in any movie than not.

I don't often mention films that are just being released in one or two cities, but I've read a few reviews of My Amityville Horror, and it sounds really fascinating. It's a documentary, focused on Daniel Lutz, recounting what it was like growing up with the famous hell house hanging over him. Personally I always thought the hoax aspect was way more interesting than any of the films made. I remember watching the original and thinking 'is this it?' Still, I'm interested to see what he has to say on everything. Certainly a different perspective.

How's your weekend forecasting? (Yes, I couldn't help one more stab at a perfect storm pun. No, I'm not high. I don't think... Few more tests.)


  1. Haven't seen Buscemi in anything in a while. Really liked him in Fargo and Airheads. (Those films are on opposite ends of the spectrum, aren't they?)

  2. I love Steve Buscemi!! Have you done one of those measurements deals on him to see if he is "good" actor or not? Just wondering... Not interested really in any of these movies and even if I was this weekend is just too busy to fit in a movie. My daughter is in a school musical, my oldest sons are playing lacrosse and we have house guests arriving this afternoon... EEK....better get back to cleaning... ha Have a great weekend!

  3. As long as we're on the subject... I don't think I've ever seen Steve Buscemi in a role I didn't like. I didn't always like the character he played, but I liked his performance. Reservoir Dogs, Con-Air, Trees Lounge, Boardwalk Empire and so on...

    I'm right there with you on Jim Carrey. I think he's much better in drama situations. I used to think he was very funny, but like Jerry Lewis, I eventually got tired of his shtick...

  4. Fun but forgettable seems like a perfect description for that movie ...

    Ok, just watched the Call trailer, THEN looked up who Abigail was and holy cow it's that girl. No real point to that, it was just surprising to see that people, apparently, age.

  5. I finally get to the theater twice in one week and rush over to comment on the weekend movie discussion and it's not here....well one for this week isn't! I went to see Olympus has fallen and gi Joe redemption this week. I actually liked them both for what they were - blow em up movies. The best part is that our Galaxy theatre opened and they have reclining leather seats with swivel snack holders! Total luxury! LOVED IT! Hope all is well!


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