Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Opening Ophelia

Opening day was quickly approaching and Lea's parents couldn't be more thrilled. As excited as they were to see her perform they would be even happier to have the play over with. At first they had been thrilled when their wallflower daughter got a big part. Now in high school it was nice to see her coming out of her shell. But shortly after her first rehearsal things had changed.

Lea was becoming more and more drawn into the role. She was playing Ophelia, which had first appealed to her simply because she had been named after the character. As the weeks went on, her method actor mentality, began to twist her. Dinners were spent with her staying in role. Needless to say it was more than tiring.

The curtain drew back and the play commenced. All the kids were wonderful in it but everyone's eyes were drawn to Ophelia when she was on stage. Her performance was breathtaking. Well worth every bit of time Lea had put into it.

After the final curtain lowered all the cast came out to take a bow. Everyone was there, except for Lea. They searched around back stage but she was not to be found. No one had seen her leave. Over the next 24 hours the high of the play turned to mystery as people searched for the young actress. No one knew just how immersed she had become in the part. Did not realize how easy it is to drown in a role. There on the stage, beneath the branch of a prop tree, sat a painted, yet oddly wet, river of water on the stage. The only reminder of what can happen when one truly disappears into the madness of Ophelia.


  1. This has Twilight Zone written all over it. The title sounded a little dirty, but despite the story not being what I expected, I wasn't disappointed one bit. Nicely crafted.

  2. Your mind has depths none of us ever knew. That was pretty cool.

    Chuck at Apocalypse Now


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