Friday, April 19, 2013

Questions Quincy

Questions, queries, and qualifiers...

Quincy was done with them. Now was the time for retirement. Oh sure, in the 20 years he'd served, he'd accrued a lifetime of memories, but it was the right time to step down. He had no illusions that he'd truly be missed. There would be no Goodbye Mr. Chips moments. No calling his name down the halls. He would hang his hat up and someone else would put it on. With deep breath, he entered the room for his last day.

"Welcome everyone to Trivia Night here at the Spuds and Bud's Pub," the words streaming through the aged   PA system that  served every other day for karaoke, "It a sad night as this is our esteemed trivia experts final run. Now please welcome to the stage one last time, Quizmaster, Quincy!"


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