Friday, April 26, 2013

We Wedding

We never seem to realize how precious something is, until it's gone. I looked outside; the world once green, now bore the soft cushion of white that had done its best to cover everything in view. Footsteps made their may around the garden to the back shed where I knew a quiet truth lay stashed away. The thought of it was enough to turn the sunniest of days to black. The way the sky was, hung heavy with the burden of snow, my every hour was positively ashen.

The bathroom mirror. Damn the mirror. Whoever thought the first thing people needed to see when they woke, was a reflection of their last night's misdeeds, was a sadist. I washed quickly and headed downstairs. I hadn't gotten undressed last night and I saw no reason to change yet. Down to the kitchen I traveled.

It bore half the story, strewn about in various states of horror. The other half... The other half would be found outside. I slipped on my shoes, not even bothering to get socks on. Through the back door and towards the shed I headed. The cold air was at once refreshing and murder. Quickly I half walked-jogged till I stood before the door, fingers numbly turning the door nob.

I pushed the door open. With still bleary eyes I looked on numbly. Without a doubt this was the end of everything. The bodies strewn about the floor all oddly contorted, with miscellaneous villainy about them. I grasped my pounding head trying not to think about the previous night. I still had far too much to do before the day was over.

I kicked the nearest leg and the body stirred. "Hey dumb asses, get up, it's two hours till my wedding."


  1. You're absolutely right. I experienced this first hand last year when my math tutor had a baby. As hormonal and moody as she was, I can honestly say that I miss her :(

  2. "I kicked the nearest leg and the body stirred..." I hope that was the narrator's best man, others in the wedding party are less essential. Great flash fiction!

  3. Stopping by to say hi on the A-Z Challenge.

  4. I never understood why anyone would hold his bachelor party the night before the wedding. Dumbest idea ever.


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