Monday, April 29, 2013

Yes Yesterday

"Yes!" she exclaimed.

"But I didn't ask my question yet," he laughed.

"I'm sorry," she apologized, "go ahead."

"Mary, will you-"

"Yes!" she interrupted, jumping ahead of him.

It was like that their whole lives, she always one step ahead of him, he doing his best to keep up. He laid the flowers beside her headstone and stood up, his back creaking as he did.

"56 years... Still seems like yesterday."


  1. That's a lot of sadness in just a few words.

  2. What an emotional story TS. Well-done.

  3. Pretty impressive and emotional snippet. Well done.

  4. I wish my wife would stop doing that to me...
    Do did he kill her?

    Lot's of stuff in such a little piece. Good one Tim.

  5. Alex said exactly what I was thinking. You pulled an "Up."


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