Friday, May 10, 2013

Weekend Movie Discussion: The Great Gatsby, Peeples

How about that Gatsby people? Isn't he great? No? Well, surely he must be good? Yes? Okay, he's the good, but not so great Gatsby.

This joke was brought to you courtesy of every kid who had to read it in school, while thinking they were the original king of comedy. I should know, that kid sat beside me in most of my classes.

So the long anticipated film adaptation of The Great Gatsby is out. Longer anticipated since it got bumped last year till this weekend. If you don't know the plot of the film, I suggest turning of the computer, grabbing your keys, going down to your local bookstore, purchasing a copy of Gatsby; reading said copy, and then coming back here. The rest of us will wait for you to catch up.


Back? That took a little longer than expected. Did you-? You did, you stopped for tacos. I see, and did you get the rest of us any? I see. Wait, what's that in another tab? Is that Wikipedia? Darn it, you just wiki'd it and didn't actually read it didn't you? Zelda must be rolling around in F. Scott Fitzgerald's grave. What's she doing in his grave you ask? How would I know, she's crazy.

Anyhoo, Reviews lean towards up but with a few downs. Great performances, beautifully shot, faithful adaptation, but still missing the spirit of the novel. Mind you I don't care about reviews, I'm all about watching the film. Hopefully it will lead to other Fitzy adaptations (yes we're so close I call him Fitzy) like his infinite classic "Sir Archibald Nutmeg and the Dismal Serenity". 

You wiki'd it didn't you? Ha, caught you out.

Outside of the popular choice for the weekend we also have the Craig Robinson vehicle Peeples. It's a Tyler Perry joint, that's not written by, nor directed by, Tyler Perry. Frankly, it stands to reason than that it should be the best Tyler Perry film ever. Plus despite his attempts at to hit as many mediocre films as possible, I still enjoy Robinson in the right role. Could be good. Ya' know, not great, but good...

See how I brought that all back around? My 11 year old self would be so proud. Course my 13 year old self would probably kick that crap out him, while my 14 year old self looked on in disgust. I really should stop having these temporal reunions, they only ever get me into trouble.

So what's your plans for the weekend? Gonna Gatsby it up? Going to see that highfalutin Peeples film? Did you realize "highfalutin" was one word? Well, it is.  


  1. I don't want to see either of them...I want to see Star Trek Into Darkness but that darn movie doesn't come out this weekend!! boo!! Here my kids were willing to take me to see it and I was all excited about going... oh well.. ha
    Thanks for the sweet words on my blog last week. They meant a lot. Have a nice weekend!! hugs!

  2. Sadly I've read the book and saw the Reford movie. Needless to say, I won't be seeing the new version.

  3. That Zelda joke is great.

    The Gatsby movie trailer isn't doing it for me ... I will see it one day, but it just feels too Hollywood. Maybe the previews show all of the crazy scenes and the rest of the movie is slower and more character driven, and in that case I might like it more.

  4. You're right Colin. Peeples should be the best Perry movie ever! I'm still waiting for "Tyler Perry's: Tyler Perry" starring Tyler Perry and Tyler Perry.

  5. This is the third time I've tried to comment on this. Each time it somehow disappears, so here is the abbreviated version.
    Won't see Gatsby.
    Leo sucks.
    His role in Titanic was the worst cast role in history (IMHO).

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  7. I did read the book, but I'm not about to see this movie version. I'm still bitter about Leo being miscast in Titanic...


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