Friday, August 9, 2013

Weekend Movie Discussion: Disney's Planes, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, We're The Millers, Elysium

Crowded weekend seems like a good time for an old fashioned 7 word review. New movie releases reviewed in 7 words each.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters - Because Bermuda Triangle's too technical a term.

We're the Millers - Congratulations. I'm the guy who doesn't care.

Disney's Planes - Creationist here. Planes didn't evolve from cars.

Elysium - Kind of like Gravity, but with communism.

Lovelace (limited) - Still? Go home people, use the internet.

I have not read any of the Percy Jackson books. I did the Harry Potter thing and didn't feel the need to jump into another kid's fantasy series. One of my nephews loves the books though so I might give it a try. Considering the casting for this film, I may watch the movie. You never know, I might just gateway drug myself into the books depending on the film. Such is the power of Stanley Tucci and Nathan Fillion.

I've seen trailers for We're the Millers and haven't really worked up any interest. Considering that all I've heard otherwise about it (constantly) is that Jennifer Aniston plays a stripper, I've really got no incentive to see it. She's come a long way from Leprechaun [See: Irony]. 

I know, I'm admitting to viewing Leprechaun, which is never a brilliant thing. At least I haven't admitted to having watched the subsequent sequels. Lord no, I'll never admit that I did in fact watch those.

Do I need waste typing on Planes? It's cars with wings... And Dane Cook. Once upon a time I loved Dane Cook, but I grew out of that. The same way I grew out of watching all those darn Leprechaun sequels. Drats... Now I've admitted to it. Alright, so I watched In The Hood, but I never watched In Space. Point is, if you don't have a child under the age of 7, there's no reason to see Planes. Not even John Cleese can rouse my interest, and it's his voice that narrates my thoughts.

Elysium on the other hand begs to be watched. Screams it. Neill Blomkamp who, aside from having a hilariously cartoon name, wrote/directed the excellent District 9, follows it up with a film about immigration and economic class segregation, in space, no less. I have a feeling this is going to be the movie I wanted Leprechaun 4: In Space to be. Matt Damon was raving about the script before production even began and that dude won an award for writing something or other. Leprechaun 6 I think. Seriously though, it looks great.

And now my thoughts on Lovelace. I think                                               without regards to                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I...                                        and also with her having                                                                              direction that allowed                                             Leprechaun 3                                                        .

Needed to be said, and I'm glad I spoke my peace on the subject.

Guess That Movie

Last Week: David Walston correctly guessed Gunless, a Canadian film with the ever excellent Paul Gross. 

This Week:

What are your plans for the weekend? Planes, trains and/or automobiles? Storming Mt. Olympus? Friends marathon perhaps? Off to test out whether or not people can hear you scream in space? If it's staying in and celebrating the life of Linda Lovelace, I'd rather not hear about it.


  1. Is the movie Monkey Business?

    Going to hide from the heat of the beach this afternoon and catch Elysium.

  2. I recognize Cary Grant. I guess Alex got it right, its definitely not Bringing Up Baby, that one had a leopard in it. I feel old, Sharon Stone is playing Linda Lovelace's mom not Lovelace...still not going to see it, even if Google Chrome has INCOGNITO.

    *looks over shoulder for wife*

  3. Elysium looks solid Tim. As for Dane Cook, his career took a strange turn. The man who invented the "superfinger" had made nothing but feel-good comedies in his movie career. Not that I watch those kind of movies, but I think he would do better in Hangover 4.

  4. I have to admit, Fillion is definitely a draw for me.

  5. Out of the group, I'm sure to see Elysium! I'm thinking that is the only one I'll ever see. Jennifer Aniston is pretty darn cute though!


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