Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekend Movie Discussion: The World's End, You're Next, Blue Jasmine

Ben Affleck as Batman... I like him but not as the caped crusader. It feels too much like a retread of George Clooney. I think it's safe to say no one wants to revisit that Batman. Though I will say it's a much better fit now for him as an older Batman than it would have been for him as a younger version. If that means anything.

I've waited the the whole year for this weekend (theatrically speaking, I do have a life otherwise). The World's End, the conclusion to The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy, has been my number one movie to see this year. My love for all things Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost is not something I hide. My affection for Hot Fuzz is pretty grand so this one will have to go a long way to displace it in my heart as number one. But when you're talking about an epic pub crawl that leads literally and figuratively to the world's end, it stands a good shot of doing so. Reviews have been excruciatingly good. I fully plan on enjoying the heck out of it. For me this film is the weekend at the movies.

Which is really unfair to You're Next. The horror film has had  a lot of good reviews. The script is supposed to be exceptional, a nice change for the genre. I admit my interest in horror has waned in passing years due to tired out plots that have been used a thousand time in the most banal of ways. For to it also not be just another remake also sounds the trumpets. It's a who, what, why home invasion flick where you actually care about the characters. Rare. Very rare. If not for World's End, it would be vying for my attention. However it is not to be. Least not this weekend.

Blue Jasmine, the new Woody Allen film is also getting a wide release this weekend. It's been out in a limited run, but expands this weekend. I'm not a die hard Woody Allen fan, but he's had a slew of good films in recent years. Again, another weekend.... 

There is also The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones out this week, but what say we just quietly sweep that one under the rug and not speak of it. I'd rather not dwell on the faction of our society that would elevate a plagiarist's fan fiction to the levels it reached. 

Guess That Movie

Last Week: Our anonymous quiz answerer struck again with the correct answer The Impostors, a very nutty, screwball comedy featuring Oliver Platt and Stanley Tucci (who also wrote and directed).

This Week:

What are your plans for the weekend? Going on a pub crawl? Getting a security system put into your house? Reading, a good book? Will Ben Affleck make a good Batman? Tune in next week, same bat-time, same bat-channel.


  1. I don't know this weeks movie. I do plan on seeing The World's End. I love Simon Pegg, in a geek crush sorta way. I was a little shocked at Affleck as Batman, but now that it has settled in my mind I think he will be ok. He is a great actor, plus he can ask Kevin Smith for pointers.

  2. At the moment I want to see The Heat with Melissa McCarthy

  3. Pontypool! Watched it last month.
    Definitely seeing World's End this weekend. And I've heard great things about You're Next. Will probably wait for NetFlix though.

  4. Good question about Affleck. My first reaction was the same as yours. I just can't see him as an older Batman even though he's 41. We'll see though.

  5. Yeah I think my first thought about Affleck was 'bleh' but with time (and with all the negativity of others) my opinion changed to 'eh/give him a chance.'

    And how did you end up enjoying World's End?

  6. Hard to say with my bias, but it's my favorite film of the year thus far.


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