Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekend Movie Discussion: Riddick

I made the W bigger this week because of the lack of films to talk about. I suppose we could discuss Adore which is out in limited release this weekend, but I just don't want to. Really the only real film out this week is Riddick, starring the once and future Groot. I love when the Iron Giant does his cat character with the glow-y eyes and whatnot. Oh, and race car man. I love race car man. He's a bad guy, but we all root for him and his crimes.

I am of course speaking of Vin Diesel. Actually I love the Riddick films. I'll even defend the second one. This one looks like they got the clue that most people just want to see him on a planet battling monsters. It's his duty, and he dood it good. Seriously, what else is there to say about this weekend? We're almost to Oscar season, which means some good films and lot of bad rhetoric. But we'll brook that stream of nonsense when we come to it.

Guess That Movie

Last Week: Guano Lad was the first one to guess that it was indeed Empire of the Sun. For certain reasons it'll always be my favorite Spielberg film. Also when Christian Bale peaked. Oh, no he didn't! Oh, yes I did.

This Week:

How's your weekend looking? Feeling a Labor Day hangover? Going to go see some dude's eyes glow in the dark? Moving to Portugal? Really? Why?


  1. Riddick looks as good as the first. I probably will not get to see it for a while. Although that W sure looks GREAT! Again you have stumped me with the movie pic.

  2. Seeing Riddick this afternoon. Sorry, that image is so familar, but I can't name the film.

  3. Uh-oh. It's the BIG W! I read a review in io9 that I agree with. How many times can you have a movie with an anti-hero? In the end of the film he has to be sympathetic and you can only do that one or two times. Thumbs down for me although I think Diesel is an under-rated actor.

  4. I'm going to have to disagree. Using Vin's own franchise. The Fast and the Furious movies, which I hated at first, but have gotten surprisingly goofy good, are predicated around anti-heroes.

    Further more, two of my favorite series of books -one by Donald Westlake, featuring a comical thief Named Dortmunder and his hapless gang; and one by Harry Harrison featuring a brilliant criminal in The Stainless Steel Rat- shows how the model can work.

  5. Wow! I finally figured out how to fix my browser issue with your site. At least for this comment :) Have I ever mentioned I hate Disqus!!
    I still haven't seen the first Riddick but now I want to see them both. I always enjoy a good Diesel film.

  6. Chuck! Good to hear from ya'. I hope this isn't a fluke and it'll work for you here on out. Pitch Black is really a great sci-fi film.

  7. Is that Day Watch? Or Night Watch? One of those reality-bending movies from Timur Bekmambetov.

    I will call Vin Diesel "Race Car Man" from now on.

  8. Sorry. I oversimplified the writers point. It's not that anti-heroes can't work, it's that they have to be surrounded by great characters. The FF movies are a great example. Each one introduced a great new set of characters and the latest movies have been bringing them back. I haven't read those books, but I'll have to check them out.


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