Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekend Movie Discussion: Gravity, Runner Runner, And The Top 5 Sandra Bullock Space Films

Apparently there's a Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake movie out this weekend called Runner Runner. Some nonsense about online poker and evil people and whatever. Point is, who cares, cause Gravity is out this weekend.

Yes the Alfonso Cuaron superb space spectacle unleashes in IMAX 3D. Jorge Clooney and Madam Bollock (excuse the language) tethered to each other and free floating through space. If at least a dozen people in the theater don't get motion sickness watching this, I'll insist on my money back. The trailers have looked outstanding, the word on it has been good, and I was sold on the film forever ago (long time to wait).

To celebrate the release of Gravity, I've put together a Top 5 list of Sandra Bullock's best space films.

Top 5 Sandra Bullock Space Films

5. Speed - When the bus explodes launching a smooching Keanu and Sandra Bullock into orbit, a collective nation swooned.

4. While You Were Sleeping - A love triangle in space develops while one of two brothers is in cryo-freeze.

3. Hope Floats - The unofficial prequel to Gravity finds Bullock's life spiraling out of control, and into orbit.

2. Miss Congeniality - A guilty pleasure perhaps, but who can resist a hardened space cop winning Miss Universe (held on Mars).

1. The Blind Side - The heartwarming true story of a white woman adopting a large black man on the international space station and forcing him to play football.

What are your plans for the weekend? Do you feel you need some space? Fancy a little online gambling? Did I miss your favorite Bullock space film?


  1. I got motion sickness just watching the trailer in MOS.
    Great list, how about The Net where she is hunted down in Cyberspace.

  2. Hopefully I'm not one of those getting sick. Seeing Gravity this afternoon.

  3. I laughed not once, but five times Tim. They should greenlight these.

  4. Breathlessly paced with a procession of nerve-racking cliffhanger moment, Gravity is not just one of the best films about humans in space, it's one of the most tense tales about the power of the survival instinct.

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