Friday, November 1, 2013

If You Give A Vampire A Steak (Children's Story)

If you give a vampire a steak...

He will ask you for some blood.

If you give him blood, he'll probably ask for a napkin to clean himself off with.

He'll want to check himself out in a mirror to see if he has a blood mustache.

To pay you back he'll want to help with some chores.

He'll help get rid of all your garlic, crosses and holy water.

He'll help board up your windows to keep the sun out. 

Afterwards he'll be very tired and want to take a nap.

While he's in his coffin, you might try to stake him.

But if he doesn't die that means...

He'll want some more blood.


  1. Sound like he has things under control.

  2. That was really good! A nice little bedtime story to make our children feel warm and safe in their beds.


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