Friday, January 17, 2014

Weekend Movie Discussion: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Ride Along, The Nut Job, Devil's Due

How 'bout them Oscar nominations? They're... Pretty much what you'd expect. Though a world where Jonah Hill has been nominated for another academy award is a funny old place.

There's four movies out this week, let's take a look:

4. Devil's Due - I'm pro life but in the instance of Rosemary, and other devil babies, I think abortion should probably be considered a valid plan of action. Though one might say that about all found footage movies. The publicity stunt with the puking devil baby really did nothing more than annoy me with it being posted everywhere. Possibly the only good thing coming out of this movie is more people asking when the found footage genre will die. Mind you, many of them have to be closet fans because these types of films, made cheap, continue to be profitable. In short, I know I'm not watching them, so I blame all of you.

3. The Nut Job - I love animated films, but nothing has looked palatable about this squirrelly movie. However, kids have done Frozen and will be looking for their next cartoon score. If any of you with kids end up watching it, let me know if it has anything worthwhile in it.

2. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - Lousy title, but I suppose it's still better than the original which was simply Jack Ryan. Chris Pine is what I like to think of as a serviceable actor. You know, nothing spectacular, but he'll safely get the job done. And I do find that it's been long enough since the last Ryan film that I'm ready for another. 

1. Ride Along - I enjoy Kevin Hart's comedy, but I've never really been interested in seeing any of his movies till this one. Something about the trailers reminds me of the early Days of Chris Tucker, when he did some funny movies, and before his shrill voice became a siren for crap. Hmm... Kind of like Friday, which also starred Ice Cube. Maybe that's the secret to Ice Cube's longevity in the business, he finds someone funny and sucks them dry. Beware Kevin Hart, there might be career vampires about.

Anyone else try Helix, the new show on SyFy? I thought it was pretty decent for a SyFy show. Just creepy enough and interesting enough to keep watching. Though I don't like the angle of people becoming super strong. For me that does take away from the creepy factor of people dying in a remote location from an unknown virus. If you haven't caught it yet, the new episode is on tonight and undoubtedly they'll play the last couple before.

Three classic TV actors and a munchkin all died yesterday. I know it comes it in threes, but usually not so fast. As I've always been a huge fan of Roger Lloyd Pack, I present a clip of one of my favorite moments of his:

So what's your plan for the weekend? Hanging out with a future fictional president? Making a drinking game out of a certain kids movie, based on the number of nut jokes? Rescinding the policy on never shaking a baby for devil babies? 


  1. I'm a huge Kevin Hart fan, so I hope it does well. You're right about Chris Pine. He mainly plays the generic handsome guy which is why he's so perfect for Star Trek. As for this film, the Jack Ryan movies have gotten so confusing with all the recasting they've done. Harrison Ford was too perfect in the role.

  2. Take an upvote for Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan!

  3. My kids want to see The Nut Job I'll let you know how it is.
    Roger Lloyd Pack will be missed.
    I am partial to his Doctor Who work.
    Here is a link to BBC America's tribute.

  4. "In short, I know I'm not watching them, so I blame all of you."

    That could be my outlook on a lot of movies ... and TV shows ... and books (except substitute the word read).

    The funny thing is I didn't even know that devil baby thing was a stunt for a movie. I just found it creepy and odd, and thought it was some college kids.

  5. Thanks for the info Tim! Out of this group, the only one that appeals to me is Jack Ryan. We aren't home (of course), but I set my DVR to record Helix.


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