Friday, January 31, 2014

Weekend Movie Discussion: That Awkward Moment, Labor Day, The Oscar-Nominated Short Films 2014

My computer died this week. A funeral will be held this upcoming week. I expect you'll all attend. In the meantime, I'll have to do things a little different. What's that you say, you're shocked that I would do things differently? Count your blessings. Most of you don't know just how weird creative I got in my first year of blogging. Hmm... come to think of it, I miss that oddness. I might have to do some old fashioned reviewing.

In the meantime, I present you with this week's releases reviewed through picture commentary.

3. Labor Day

Plot: Reclusive woman with a 13 year old son takes in an escaped convict over labor day weekend. Hilarity ensues. What? Oh sorry, drama ensues. Based on some book or other.

My thoughts:

Couldn't have said it better crazy Satan Mel Gibson.

2. That Awkward Moment

Plot: I'm pretty sure it doesn't have one. Something about 3 guys in relationships asking questions about things. Oh and Imogen Poots is there who, I might add, has a funny name. Hehe, Poots...

My Thoughts:

Right on man, right on.

1. The Oscar-Nominated Short Films 2014 (limited)

Plot: Lots of films but of the small sort that you watch.

My Thoughts:

So there you have it, my thoughts on the films out this week. What are your opinions? Agree, disagree, wonder where you just went for the last minute? Sound out below.


  1. My condolences...
    Poots might be That Awkward Moment!

  2. The awkward moment for those actors was admitting they were involved.

  3. I'll bring flowers Tim. "Awkward Moment" sounds dreadful. Hee hee Poots.

  4. I'm truly sorry about your loss.
    If there is going to be a funeral, maybe it should be fore the movie industry...

  5. I might actually see the Lego movie now that it's getting such great reviews. Yeah, bummer Monuments Men is getting miexed reviews.

  6. I plan to watch the Lego movie this week with my son, so here goes! I think we've run out of good vampire jokes, but here's a bad one: Why is Dracula boring?
    - Because he's a pain in the neck

  7. I'll pass on the Lego and Vampire movies. For sure, I'm going to give Monuments Men a chance. Like you though, I'll probably wait and watch it at home though.

  8. I saw the Lego Movie and enjoyed it a fair amount. I think it is good but I think I'd gotten my expectations up too high ... It would've been better to have seen it with my brother's kids, because I feel like it's much more exciting for a kid. It had good jokes, a good plot, and was enjoyable all around - but it didn't grab me.


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