Friday, February 21, 2014

Weekend Movie Discussion: Pompeii, 3 Days to Kill

I must have heard/seen/read about 50 versions of the same Pompeii joke this week. Yes, everyone will die at the end. Congratulations on associating that with the idea of spoilers. Honestly it's like every idiot who made the same type of joke when Titanic came out has been holding it in, waiting. I'm sick of the jokes and they have to stop.

Sorry. Guess I just needed to... vent. 

And that my friends is how you do a volcano joke.

Pompeii does indeed open this week. I'm not what one would call a fan of Paul W. S. Anderson, as a director, producer, writer, man. Okay that may be a little overstating things. Truth is he just hasn't made any movies that really appeal to me. That is until Pompeii. I'm a sucker for a volcano film. I'm watched some of the absolute biggest pieces of tripe because of my affinity for them. Will Pompeii suck? I haven't seen anything to recommend it, but no matter, I'll be there to watch the results of the earth eating a chili dog after 9 pm. Their kingdom for an antacid.

I contend that when it comes to 3 Days to Kill, Kevin Costner was never enough of a bad ass to play the older version of one. Honestly, when he was young he was playing the older version of one, so I can only assume here he'll be portraying one that's practically geriatric. Which is not to rag on him. He fills a niche. When I was a kid Robin Hood was my favorite film. But you have to admit, he's kind of like your friend's older brother who's there to make sure you don't do anything stupid, or fun. At any rate it's a Luc Besson penned film, directed by McG so... flip a coin.

Doubtless you've seen the trailer 80 times by now, but what's 81?

And this!

Gah, Guardians looks amazing. Quirky, funny, and weird. Everything you want from a theatrical version. I can't wait.

So what's on your horizon for this weekend? Feeling the urge to watch things "Burn baby burn..."? Got a few days to kill? Going to go rewatch the 5 seconds of Rocket Raccoon talking again?


  1. I'll pass on Pompeii, and 3 Days to Kill. Costner wants to be Liam Neeson, ain't going to happen. I was one that really wanted David Tennant to be Rocket. His cockney would have been perfect, not that I have a Doctor Who bias.

  2. Guardians does look quirky. Good to know they aren't taking it too seriously.
    Anderson's movies have been hit or miss. Let us know what you thought of this one.

  3. Tennant would have been awesome. I'm wholeheartedly biased. haha

  4. I think I will be rewatching the 5 seconds of Rocket Raccoon! Can't wait to see Guardians! Not so sure about the other two. Won't be seeing anything this weekend, I have sick kids... Maybe next weekend.

  5. I'll watch Pompeii fairly soon. I'll even watch 3 Days to Kill, but it will have to be because somebody loans me the DVD. I refuse to may money for something that I'll probably be disappointed in.
    Thanks for venting Tim!

  6. You're right about Costner. The only time I've seen him play young was in Silverado. Ever since he's been fatherly, husbandly, or uncley.

  7. Thankfully, I missed the Pompeii jokes. Guardians will be a turning point in Marvel films. Either it will usher in a new age for space and quirky Marvel characters or it will bomb and we’ll never get Howard the Duck.

  8. Haha the long setup ... can't help but respect it.

    I am also excited about Guardians of the Galaxy, and definitely glad to see they went with oddball/quirky/humor.

    And I hadn't thought that much about Costner, but that's a good call on him already being the sort of wise older fella.


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