Friday, February 28, 2014

Weekend Movie Discussion: Son of God, Non-Stop, Odd Thomas

I could go through the "I'm a Christian but I think Christian movies suck" discussion again, but I think I've played through that more than enough times. Truthfully, I have no issue with films about Jesus. They're not my cup of tea, but sure, I can see the value. My issue with Son of God stems from Roma Downey, her husband, and well, basically the same team from the History Channel's bible series. I tried to avoid said series, but it came on one day while I was busy and couldn't change it. It was, plain and simply, crap. From what I've heard of the movie, it's a weak telling, blending Roman Catholicism and new age variations of Christ's story. I know they made a point of cutting the devil out of the film for absurd reasons. I'm sure it'll do well with the Joel Osteen set, but I have no patience for a cut and paste gospel.

I'll stop there before I get caught up in the ecumenical diatribe bubbling beneath the surface.

Also out this week is Non-Stop, the latest Liam Neeson action film. Remember last week when it was Kevin Costner playing the old guy still kicking butt? Yeah, this one I believe. Aslan can take anyone down, even Chuck Norris. Helmed by Jaume Collet-Serra who also directed the much loved Orphan, and Unknown. The latter of which he also worked with Neeson on. Can't speak to Orphan, as it never really appealed to me. I thought Unknown was generic and predictable but not terrible. Regardless, I'll watch any movie that stars a guy who punches wolves.

Finally, out in limited release is Odd Thomas, the Dean Koontz adaptation. Always interesting when a film is already out on DVD in some countries before it debuts in theater here. Especially when it's written and directed by Stephen Sommers and is based on a popular series of books. Odd Thomas actually wrapped filming back in 2011, but due to a legal mess regarding distribution (I believe, it's been awhile...), it was held up until now. Always a big fan of Anton Yelchin, I'll be checking it out for sure.

So what's your weekend looking like?


  1. When the History Channel's bible series came out I didn't want to watch it, but my son insisted, so I DVRed them all. From what I saw it was ok, but I wouldn't want to see a movie like it. I hope when I get old I could be half as cool as Liam Neeson, or at least intimidating... to my daughters boyfriends!

  2. I want to see Non Stop. And I would love to see Odd Thomas. I love the books. Happy Friday!

  3. How can you have a movie about Jesus and leave out the devil? I watched some of the History Channel's series and it was lame.I guess if you've not a Christian, it's a basic introduction, but if you are... Yeah, angels doing battle really sent it over the edge for me.

  4. Son of God is killing at the box office, but I would see Non-Stop for more Neeson butt-kicking.

  5. Non Stop seems like a good movie to watch with popcorn at home ... I can't help but think it'll be unintentionally funny with how dramatic it seems to be (I guess that's true of all action films, but maybe the fact that it's all in an airplane makes it seem over the top to me). But I still think it'll make good couch theater.


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