Friday, April 25, 2014

7 Word Weekend Movie Discussion: Brick Mansions, The Other Woman, The Quiet Ones

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

Brick Mansions - It's based on a true story, right?

The Other Woman - A healthier alternative: The other other woman.

The Quiet Ones - Love it when horror movies are plausible.

For No Good Reason (limited) - I included this for no good reason.

It seems like it was just last week I was saying Johnny Depp should have gone away for awhile. Then his movie bombed, and now here we are, with a documentary from him. For No Good Reason actually might be good, for what it's worth, but seriously, Johnny, take a vacation. 

Here's the thing about saying a movie takes place in a dystopian Detroit; I think you just mean Detroit. It's one of Paul Walker's last films, and it looks alright. It's a remake of the excellent District 13 (Luc Besson clearly believes in recycling, at least when it comes to his own films), which if you haven't seen, I'd highly recommend. There's a chance the film could do well if for no other reason than Paul Walker, and hey, who doesn't love parkour? I just wish it had a better title than Brick Mansions.

The Other Woman sees the team up you've been waiting for. I speak of course of Don Johnson and Nicki Minaj. Together, in the same movie at last. The plot is familiar, the Cameron Diaz is familiar, and I'm pretty sure I've seen the fonts before on the familiar looking poster. If you've gathered that I'm less than thrilled by the prospect of the film, give yourself a gold star. What's that you say? No, no, trust me, I'm pretty sure I am the targeted demographic here. Single, white male, yeah, that's about right. They just get me I guess.

Finally we have The Quiet Ones which sees a group of idiot students in the 70's tasked with creating a poltergeist. Of course it's inspired by actual events. That's my favorite tag on supernatural horror films. Because, truth. It's clearly going for a retro horror feel, but even in the trailer the CGI bits look awful. It feels very wait for Netflix to me.

On the other hand here is the trailer for a horror film I'm intrigued about:

From the writer of Pontypool, which remains one of my favorite horror films for its absolute weirdness and creativity. Even if it's bad, it's sure to be interesting.

So what do you think of this week's releases?


  1. For No Good Reason Brick Mansions are The Quiet Ones to The Other Woman.

  2. Nothing that interests me this week. I'd watch Ejecta - Pontypool was unique.


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