Friday, April 11, 2014

7 Word Weekend Movie Discussion: Draft Day, Oculus, Rio 2, Joe, Cuban Fury

New Movie Releases Reviewed In 7 Words Each

Draft Day - Because the real day is so thrilling.

Oculus - Not the opthamologist documentary you're hoping for.

Rio 2 - Somehow saying 'meh' is still too passionate.

Joe (limited) - Welcome back to good movies Nicolas Cage.

Cuban Fury (limited) - Nick Frost salsa dancing... nothing else matters.

You know that place between sleeping and awake? That's where Kevin Costner lives.

True Story.

Yes, I actually want to see Draft Day. I am the kind of football nerd who will sit and watch the draft. Many a year I've booed at the TV sure they'd hear me. That said, not in any way a theatrical viewing for me. The cast is just so uninspiring I'm afraid I'd fall asleep. Not that movie theater sleep isn't the best sleep in the world, just that it's pricey.

With both Karen Gillan and Katee Sackhoff starring, Oculus is geek heaven. Word has been good on the ghostly horror film. There hasn't been a decent horror film out in awhile so I expect it'll do pretty good. Especially since it was relatively cheap.

I never had any interest in the first Rio, so the sequel holds nothing for me. I suppose those small versions of humans called children might feel differently. It's battling Captain America, but it should still do good, as animated films always do.

All I'll say on Cuban Fury is that if God is kind, it'll play near me. Love Nick Frost, Chris O'Dowd and Rashida Jones, but in a salsa dancing love triangle???? What more could you want in a movie?

Joe has a lot of buzz around it. Word being that Nic Cage has returned to his former glory. Which is good, cause he can be a lot of fun when he's not doing crappy movies or being the internet's biggest joke.

So what do you think about this week's releases?


  1. I liked what you said about Kevin Costner.

    If Nicholas Cage has returned to his former glory, does that mean they are doing a sequel to Valley Girl?

  2. Kevin Costner makes it look like he's not acting. Because he's sleepwalking. My son and I love Rio so the sequel is a must-watch for my family.


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