Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Celebrity Chef Episode 1: Brad Pitt

This week's letter comes from Beth Davison of Maury County, TN.

Dear Celebrity Chef,

I'm doing a dinner party this weekend and I don't know what to serve. It's for 12 people, 3 of whom are vegetarians. I need some dishes large enough to feed a finicky crowd. Please HELP!


This Week's Celebrity Chef Is:

Brad Pitt

Hi, Beth. Dinner parties are tricky. You know what's not tricky? Sammiches. You heard me right, sammiches. Not to be confused with its cousin the sandwich, sammiches are a much maligned, overlooked, culinary gem. One that can serve both vegetarians and meatatarians alike. Here's a list of what you'll need:

Bologna (.99 at de Piggilty Wiggilty)
Cheese (American Singles)
White Bread (the cheapest, under-a-dollar, bleached, enriched, crumbly, White bread you can find)

Slap its ass together and cut it like it's hot.

Bologna Sammiches are the best, whether you're serving 5 or 20, vegetarians or octogenarians. And they are perfect for both an appetizer, and a main dish.

Happy cooking,


  1. I wonder if the 12 people she is serving are the 12 Monkeys?

  2. Good one, David!
    I guess the vegetarians get bread...

  3. That was funny! Bologna sandwiches were my favorite for a long time. When I really wanted a treat, I'd fry the bologna first. Of course, you have to almost cut it into quarters, or it looks like a bowl after it's fried.


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