Friday, December 12, 2014

5 Pictures of Matthew McConaughey Like You've Never Seen Him Before

We scoured the archives to find pictures of Matthew McConaughey that have never been seen before and here's what we came up with.

Sure you've probably seen him with a parrot, but we doubt if you've ever seen him with THIS parrot.

Here he is with an eye patch crudely drawn on. Perhaps Mr. McConaughey's a big fan of pirates?

Bet you didn't know that in his spare time Mr. McConaughey likes to hang out with his childhood friend Nanners.

Ha ha! Weird Mr. McConaughey. How do you do that?

On a more serious note, here's Mr. McConaughey posing as an atomic bomb detonates behind him.


  1. He always looks Dazed and Confused to me....

  2. I'd seen the parrot before, but not with him. Must be his new squeeze.

  3. You might think Nanners got his name from being a baNANa, but you're wrong. Or maybe you're right, I have no idea.

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  5. LOL for some reason this makes me want to see a pirate movie with him.

  6. I hope that parrot was a rescue! Maybe a "by the numbers" look at this pirate is needed.


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