Friday, March 27, 2015

Celebrity Polls: Spirit Animals

Your favorite celebrities polled every week. This week, find out what Tom Cruise, Brie Larson, and Sherri Shepherd would choose for their spirit animals.

Sherri Shepherd
"My spirit animal is Toucan Sam. Trust me, I learned my lesson the last time I didn't follow his nose."

Brie Larson
"A box."

Tom Cruise
"Tom Cruise. Not me specifically, but rather the pocket size Tom who lives in one of my shoes when I'm not wearing it."


  1. Pocket sized Tom should live in a shoe in a box at the bottom of the sea...oh sorry, I meant to say Regular Tom.

  2. Funny, David! How about a pet rock? Those sink.

  3. That explains why big Tom looks so tall on screen. Little Tom is giving him a lift.


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