Thursday, August 20, 2015

On The Subject Of...

This is a post.

It is not your father's post. Certainly not your mother's.

It is designed to make you think about the nature of something or other. Possibly writing, and or, the structure and composition of an article. Is it though? It's a completely reasonable supposition to arrive at. Though it could just as easily be designed to make you think about Creme Filled Donuts. In which case, mission accomplished. For simply mentioning it, I'm sure, has caused an image to appear in your mind. 

If it's a positive association, you might even be tasting it right now. Delicious, warm, fresh made donut, with sweet, angel touched, filling. If negative, you might be choking back on the thought of quaffing grease from a stale ball of flour as it ejaculates a modicum of rancid icing down the front of your shirt. Course it's also likely that even if the former image appealed to you, the latter has turned you off the idea of aforementioned donut.


Did that strike you as random? I hope so. For it was my intention to distract you from the disturbing donut imagery. Now you should once more be focused on the abstract idea of a donut. Although, I hope this does not cause any future association between donuts and unicorns in your mind. I would hate for you to be playing with your daughters/sons/nieces/nephews/grandbabies/weird friends and think of donuts whenever the subject of unicorns comes up. Likewise, the last thing I'd want is for you to forever ponder the mythology of unicorns whenever you step into a donut shop. 

To be clear: Unicorns aren't real (Or they were and are just extinct) while donuts are quite real (they are born every morning). Please do not connect these two in the future. In fact, if you could just forget these past two paragraphs, that would help a lot. In hindsight, the image heading this post, likely isn't helping things. You know what, forget the picture, and forget I mentioned donuts or unicorns at all.

Writing. Dear, sweet, sweet written text. 

The idea of stringing thoughts together to entertain or enlighten. It's an art of structure and balance. A meticulous crafting of grammar and heart. Science and mysticism. A bringing together of very different facets to create an image that will stay with a person. Much like a unicorn and donuts.

So, is this post that we began together --a post that's not your father or mother's post-- on the subject of writing and language? Is that what this journey has all been about? Is it merely, a post, designed to make you think about the very composition of an article itself?


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