Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Amalgamation of Mr. Tex

I am starting
Staring, feeling
I am...

Two inches from my face
A broken record
Catching reflections from my eye
Something missing
What's inside?
Aren't you curious to find you?
Floating on a river bound to hit Kingston Bay
Iceland, Greenland
Someone stop that mean man
Don't you let him get away
Enough to make you fade

Sure as I stand here
Sure as you stand there
I've dowsed the lantern
Ok, sure, so she's sure she don't wanna go?
Ok, sure, so she's so sure she don't wanna go

Mr. Tex is shyly waving
Bowing to pressure
That he pressured himself into
Sure as I'm waiting for
Sure as she's not

Mr. Tex
Insert time, name and date
File please
Take your place
Gotta catch the ferry outta here
Gotta chase the ferry out of fear
Hold on there
Hold on there
Still two vacancies left offshore
Still two rooms
We can take two more

Mr. Tex step inside
Let me be your shadow
Let us be your guide
If you have any questions, as I'm sure you may
You might wish to sail down the Hudson Bay
A man looking in a mirror
May see himself in you
A reflection of a man may show himself in you

Mr. Tex have a seat
Let me take your bags
Let you rest your feet
In case you haven't noticed, on the far wall
A vacant hole calls, beckoning to all
The other day three men stepped in
--Three men are only one--
One copper, one gold, the other tin
How you start isn't how you begin
Sit here, for now they're done
A little alchemy
A little fun
This ship we're on
Has a way
To make firm wakes from day to day
From here to now the party starts
Would you care for a dessert from our cart?

I am starting,
Staring, feeling
I am...

Looking at my feet
A glass shattered on the floor
Reflecting an image I don't know
Something missing, Something new
Aren't you curious,
What's inside you?
Floating on a river bound to hit Baffin Bay
Scotland, England
Someone made that mean of man
Couldn't let us get away
Enough to watch us fade

Sure as we stand here
Sure as we stand there
I've dowsed the mirror
Trying hard to look away
Wish to God I wouldn't stay

Poor Mr. Tex
Along with his friends
Found our beginning
At each other's end.

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