Wednesday, March 29, 2017

7 Rocks That Don't Look Anything Like Dwayne Johnson

We all know Dwayne Johnson is nicknamed The Rock because of his status as ruler of the stone kingdom. But while most of his subjects resemble their king, did you know that there are some radicals that don't look like him even a little? Take a look at these 7 rebels doing their own thing.

[Pictured - Stone Leader, Dwayne Johnson]

1. Don't let the round form fool you, this rock has absolutely nothing, and wants nothing, to do with Dwayne Johnson, High Ruler of the Three Rock Kingdoms.

2. Check out this rebel with a cause. Clearly protesting the sovereign rule of her lord king, Dwayne Johnson, she has chosen not to resemble his chiseled physique.

3. Not even close! This rock looks nothing like Dwayne Johnson, the stone king, who led the battle at Quarry Hill, freeing the Igneous locals from a cruel despot. 

4. Despite this rock being fast and furious, it refuses to acknowledge the authority of Dwayne Johnson, who last year pledged to provide low income housing for older stones without a means to support themselves.

5. I know what you're thinking, but this rock isn't trying to look like Dwayne Johnson either. While his king was off building new bridges from wood for his stones to cross on, this rock was busy idolizing Vin Diesel, whom he now resembles.

6. Dwayne Johnson may be working on a plan to provide free healthcare for his subjects, but this stone rejects him as the one true king so much so that he wears various sheep as a hair piece to change his appearance.

7. His whereabouts remains unknown, but Argontinite, the previous king which Dwayne Johnson dethroned in a glorious coup, refuses to kneel, or look like the new king.

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