Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tim's 10 Most Influential Goats of 2017

It's that time of the year again. Time when we look at who's up and coming, who's making waves, and who's still at the top. That's right it's time for the list of Tim's Most Influential Goats of the year (2017).

10. Barry

Barry might not be a household name, but on Wall Street everyone knows him. Two years ago he made his mark, brokering a merger between two top, rivaling, brokerage companies. More amazingly, at the end of things, he was the controlling owner. He's a power hungry goat who'll eat anything that gets in his way.

9. Chef Goatin Ramsey

Speaking of eating, our number nine spot goes to Chef Ramsey who's fresh off of earning his second Michelin star. Already setting the culinary world ablaze in Eastern Europe the past few years, he plans to open his 6th restaurant this year right here in America. 

8. Wiz Khalifudge

Everyone is familiar with the Rapping goat's hit song 'Say Ba-a-a' from 2012. What you may not know is that he's a producer and label owner. He's poised to be the first goat to cross the billion dollar mark this year.

7. Cheeks

Normally being a kid actor wouldn't be enough to get you on this list, but Cheeks is no normal child actor. In 2016 alone, she starred in over fifteen different films, three of which were blockbusters. Even more impressive, this year she became the youngest goat in history to win an Oscar. 

6. Roger

Bestselling author, Roger, has been a mainstay of TED talks for awhile. More recently he is the co-creator of a website that workshops creative writing, and connects you directly to publishers who read through what interests them. It's been a huge success that has shaken up the industry's model.

5. Morna

Being a working mother is hard enough, but starting your own shopping network geared towards barnyard animals? Near impossible. But that is exactly what Morna did. Based out of New York, Barnables struggled to find its share of the shopping channel market at first. Over time, it has grown a cult like following who slap down their hard earned cash for trinkets. 

4. TeeVee

Everyone's favorite comedian, TeeVee, has been doing standup since he was a kid. Not content to rest on his laurels, last year TeeVee got into the sitcom biz, bringing his comedy to a whole new audience. As of the last quarter 'You Have Goat To Be Kidding Me' was the number one new show on CBS.

3. The Mini Moguls

Our number three spot goes to a trio of siblings that have come to be known as The Mini Moguls. Each one's in a different field that they have taken by storm. There's Jeff (left) in Pharmaceuticals, Beth (middle) a Software Developer, and Johnson (right) a State Representative in Pennsylvania. There seems to be nothing this ambitious trio can't achieve. 

2. Tom Wopat

Tom Wopat (no relation to the actor) came up quickly in the real estate industry. But it wasn't fulfilling something in him. In 2015 he left his six figure career behind him and started a charity. With the motto 'You can't help everyone, but you can try' his charity has already made an impact in 7 different countries., and changed countless lives.

1. Derrik

For the second year, famed director, Derrik, tops our list. True, he's directed some of our favorite movies, but that's just his side job. A passion for politics, Derrik started one of the largest lobbying groups in the nation, the impact of which is felt everyday through policy changes that have been brought about.

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