Wednesday, August 30, 2017

7 Times A Celebrity Photobombed Famous Paintings

Everyone loves a good photobomb, and when it's a celebrity doing it, we love it even more! But did you know some celebrities have taken it that step further, and shown up in famous paintings? Here's our 7 favorite times a celebrity photobombed classic paintings.

Amy Schumer what are you doing in American Gothic? You don't belong there! Maybe that's why the farmer and his wife seem so dour.

It's okay, Kanye, we all know Beyonce is better than any old Girl With A Pearl Earring. Remember when he did that thing? Here he is, doing it in a famous painting.

You'll just have to take our word for it when we tell you that's Kevin Spacey doing his best to blend in. He even brought his own apple! Best impression yet Mr. Spacey.

 Talk about good luck! Mark Wahlberg just happened to be out for jog when he slipped through time and accidentally posed long enough to be painted by Rembrandt. 

 Hey, who's photobombing whom here? At first you might think Whistler's Mother is showing up in Channing Tatum's picture, but look closely, sneaky Mr. Tatum snuck his sneaky Magic Mike poster in to distract her. And who can blame her for being distracted? Not us. Not us.

Ha Ha Ha, how do you do that Taylor Swift? We don't know, but it sure is a Scream!

Here's Will Smith destroying the subtle message of the painting by literally pointing it out to you. Not cool Mr. Smith. On the other hand, who can blame him for getting a picture with God?

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