Monday, December 7, 2009

Review: 13 minutes from Monday

So there I was all enjoying my Sunday, when I look up at the clock and see the time is 11:47 pm. Naturally I was less than thrilled. Mondays as you well know are notorious for being less than thrilling. As I sat there watching the seconds tick down from the clock I began to think on alternative universes, and particularly, what I might be doing in one at that precise moment.

The answer came as I saw myself waking up on an alien planet and looking around. There were was all kinds of bizarre vegetation lining the parameter. Different fern like plants, red with yellow spots, sprouted tall as trees. There were bushes with all kinds of different berries. At least I think they were berries. It's always difficult to know exactly what something is on an alien planet. Above me the sky was littered with moons, some blueish and some with a red hue. The weather was perfect and as I felt the light warm breeze brushing over my face I inhaled deeply the sweet cassia laden air.

I had just about made up my mind to explore the planet, when a group of strange bunny men approached. They were no taller than 6 inches and were of mixed colors. A few black bunnies walked about as if keeping watch for others of my kind. Two white ones with black fur around the outside of their eyes were protecting who I assumed to be their leader. Each of them wore what looked like silver flight suits. The leader, a black bunny with white spots, wore a similar suit but had two gold stars emblazoning his shoulders.

A nervous air hung over as I sensed the lead bunny was about to speak. As he approached he held up a paw and everyone stopped. With the sweetest, and yet commanding eyes I've ever seen he looked up at me. and began to talk.

"Excuse, me sir, but I need to ask you a question," he said.

"What's that?" I returned, feeling slightly intimidated by the small bunnies.

"Do you happen to have the time?" he inquired.

I glanced at my watch and responded, "11:47."

"Thank you very much," he said and promptly signaled for his men to continue.

So as you can see, in another universe I clearly had a very interesting 13 minutes from Monday. Here though not so much. In fact I found it to be somewhat disappointing. I'll wait and see if it can pull it out next Sunday, but that will take some stepping up.

11:47 pm. Sunday. 5 out 10


  1. Its nice to find someone who has vivid imaginations as I am :)

  2. Life's too short not to blow part of it on imaginings. I always say... well sometimes say... well I said it now.


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