Monday, December 21, 2009

Review: A Christmas Balloon

As I was shopping in Hell's grocery (Publix, for those who aren't aware, is a place where the workers swarm over you like locusts on a flowering desert) I happened across a balloon celebrating Christmas. Which I have posted below:

As you can see depicted on the balloon, Mary and Joseph are children themselves. I don't approve of children having children, and I don't feel it's supportive of the Christmas message. Unless of course they're implying something about Nazareth at that time, suggesting that the only way there'd be a virgin, was if she was a five year old.

For shame Publix. Children passing through the checkout lanes will see these Balloons and come away with the impression that it's ok for them to already be thinking about starting a family.

Balloon at Publix I must give you an unseasonal -33 out of 25


  1. It's sad and sick that I approve of your mindless rants. You complete me. Keep up the righteous anger. I am a follower sir.

    (could you possible through some venom at the octopus - I really don't like them)

  2. Haha, reviewing the octopus might not be a bad idea, I shall have to ruminate over that one.

  3. Dude, you are too funny! We don't have Publix here, but I shop there in Florida when I visit my dad. You are so right, the employees are on you like white on rice! Your take on the obvious "Keep Christ in Christmas" balloon is absolutely hilarious. Love it!

  4. Besides the implications of babies having babies; with everyone just dead staring at the baby Jesus like that, it almost looks like they're wondering what barbecue sauce to put on him before feasting. Seriously, it's creepy. Oh well, babies having babies...and then eating them.

  5. Thanks for the extra level of creepiness. Haha, I hadn't even considered their expression.


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