Monday, January 25, 2010

10 ways to annoy someone during the apocalypse

10. If someone's afraid to look, keep telling them it's over and safe to look.

9. Offer spicy food to someone with a digestive problem, egg them on by saying, 'it's ok, you won't be here tomorrow.'

8. Spill your drink on someone and tell them, 'well if that's the worst thing that happens to you today, you've done alright.'

7. Run up behind random people and yell, 'Bang!'

6. Narrate the events as they unfold to everyone in the room.

5. Walk around asking people, 'where do you see yourself in 10 years?'

4. Tell people that 'tonight I'll dine in paradise with my father. You... not so much.'

3. Ask if anyone wants to take a nap and promise to wake them up cause they 'don't wanna miss a thing.'

2. At the last moment yell out 'Jumanji.'

1. Ask people if you can borrow some money, tell them you'll get 'em back tomorrow.

Thanks to my brother who's helping to compile the lists this week.


  1. That was one of my brother's. We did up a bunch of lists over the weekend and he was cracking me up.

  2. k..I am noticing a theme here. What do you know about the end of the world? Do I need to stock up on crackers? Because if I find that you knew something and I run out of crackers prematurely...well I don't want to tell you how uncomfortable things will get.

    word verification - matsmstu - THE actual brand of japanese octopus crackers I enjoy

  3. Dude, didn't you catch my notice Friday? This whole week I'm doing an apocalyptic theme.

    Octopus crackers... I want some. I'd make them pay hard core.

  4. Oh sure, you retroactively add a tiny notice about your end of the world celebrapalooza and I am suppose to fall for that. Only crab crackers for you.

  5. TS this is so bloody awful! Ugh! I don't even want to think such thoughts. Ha ha!

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