Monday, January 25, 2010

Let Me Put Songs In Your Head Vol. 2

This post is the official kick start of 'End of the World' week.

Since I was 16 I've been compiling a list of songs that I felt embodied the atmosphere of "the end of the world." The list is broken down into several categories; The day before, the day it ends, an hour before, minutes before, during the apocalypse, minutes after, and post apocalypse. It may seem like a lot, but I think of it as a sweeping symphony with multiple movements.

The lyrics themselves rarely have anything to do with my choosing them. I instead prefer to choose by the feeling the music, voice, and individual words evoke. Maybe one day I'll post the list in entirety (well actually it's pretty long so it would have to be segmented) but for now I just want to give you a song in a few different categories. I'm still unclear regarding whether or not if it's kosher to put songs from off youtube on one's blog, so once again the Title and Artist will link to a video where you can hear the song.

The day before the end:

Giant - Matthew Good - One of my favorite Canadian artists, he actually has other songs that made my list. Though if you were to read a lot of the controversial lyrics he's written over the years, you might get the impression he's a little inclined towards apocalyptic subjects. This one to me embodies all the elements of the day before the end. It's slightly eerie, as if something is inexplicably off.

An hour before the end:

Map of the Problematique - Muse - Muse has a way of creating apocalyptic music, which is one of many reasons I love them. For each of the categories on the list, there are many sub categories, but rather than going to that trouble, I like to just explain why a song fits here or there. This song to me has the frenetic feeling of someone racing around trying to save their loved ones. Obviously I'm not the only one as this song has appeared on soundtracks for just such matters. Still it fits so darned well I include it on my list.

Minutes after the apocalypse:

Till it Happens to You - Corinne Bailey Rae - I figured I'd use one of hers because her new album is coming out tomorrow and I've been listening to her old album again. If you don't know her than you've been missing out. She's got an incredible voice and is also a very talented songwriter. This song works for me because it's got a quietness that mingles anger and sadness. It feels like the kind of song that would play in the background as people walk around through ruins.

So how about you, are there any songs that you listen to that would fit into one of the above end of the world categories? I'd love to hear some suggestions.

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