Friday, January 29, 2010

Apocalypse Week Wrap Up

I usually try to space out my posts throughout the day, however I've got an eye infection so I'm pretty much going to take it easy on the computer screen looking there at. (Aren't I brilliant with words?)

Thus endeth Apocalypse Week. Like any experiment, somethings worked, some didn't. Next week should be back to normal. Well, as normal as it gets here.

I forgot to mention in this week's By The Numbers that the suggestion of Rick Moranis came from my wordpress bloggin buddy Please check out his blog, he's really talented and very funny.

And since you're in the neighborhood, I've started up my old blog there again, doing a post on Saturdays. Check it out at: Commercial Observations

Have a good weekend peoples!


  1. Celebrate your Apocalypse Week with an Apocalypse Cake:

  2. Thanks TS you have a great weekend as well.. sorry bout the eye.. my left eye has been bothering me all week as well.

    Take care,


  3. I'm sorry to hear of your affliction Aion. Best wishes to both of us then on the eye matters, eh?

  4. Apocalypse cake? LOL! I love spammers. Delete that s***! lol

    Your apocalypse themed week was a success from where I am standing because your posts were funny but also because the end of days did not actually happen.

  5. Awesome! Thanks!

    (Also no good about the eye thing ... eyes are pretty, but I hate them.)

  6. @Geof, it may have been spam but I checked out the blog and it's actually pretty funny. In a very sick way. And you're right, the world ending is a huge boon. lol

    @Brad No prob. Yeah I can deal with just about anything except eye problems.

  7. Hey, saw you in the coffee shop and thought I'd pop by. Glad I did. Like what you're doing here.
    I blog about my disastrous dates/sexual embarrassments/pursuit of my hairdresser - check it out:

  8. Hey TS, I nominated your for an award. Check it out when you get a chance:


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