Monday, February 1, 2010

Let me put songs in your head Vol. 3

I'm in a mood for some Canadian music this week. Clicking the title\artist will take you to a youtube video of the song. Hopefully at least one of the songs will be new to you and to your tastes.

A Little Love - Meaghan Smith - Combining what sounds like music from the 1920's and blending it with contemporary styles, and a strong sweet voice, Meaghan Smith has quickly found her way onto my personal rotating playlist.

Automatic Flowers - Our Lady Peace - OLP has been around for a long time, as has this song. For me though, when I'm in the mood for some good Canadian rock, nothing quite hits the spot like they do. It maybe the voice, or the lyrics, but Automatic Flowers is one of my absolute favorites.

Push - Marianas Trench - I'll be honest with you, I only like a few songs from their debut album, and haven't even listened to their new one yet. The music just isn't my style. This song however is awesome.  It has most of the elements I generally hate, but inexplicably I love it.

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