Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm always surprised when people go along with my ideas (OR how I made my brother into a snowman)

It finally snowed in the Nashville area this weekend. The most snow I've seen since I moved here. Naturally I wanted to do something to celebrate. My proposal was an odd one, but my brother jumped on it surprisingly quick. Here are those results.

Step 1. Make a snow ball.

Step 2. Hollow it out.

Step 3. Find someone who's willing.

Step 4. Make a snow man by placing on top of head.

How does it feel?

Uh oh, I seem to have angered the snowman.

Step 5. Free brother from the snowball.

Do you people see what greatness can happen if you just listen to my ideas? Next time I suggest something, don't be so quick to dismiss it.


  1. hahahaha TS that was wicked evil dude!! but.. funny lol :D


  2. TS - I gave you an award. Yes another one. Check it out when you get a chance:

  3. Only use your powers for good TS... only for good...

  4. He looked like the guy from the Jack in the box ads.

  5. I noticed that too after we'd taken the pictures. If he hadn't smashed it in throwing it off, we could have played up on it a bit.

  6. Hillbilly? Again with that? I haven't even lived in the south a third of my life. This is good old fashioned Canadian fun.

    Now you wouldn't be saying Canadians are hillbillies would you?

  7. Hillbilly is an action not a person from a particular place. You gotta admit that making/convincing someone to wear a big snow head is pretty much Canadian Hillbilly behavior. Where you on a hill? Was his name Billy? (okay that one is a stretch). No offence intended my friend (who has shrunken heads with accents give movie reviews). I find the whole thing funny. Scary and funny. I suspect that like me you can make yourself laugh you sick bastard. And I mean 'sick bastard' with love.

  8. I get it, it's cool, you just have to understand. Man I live where there are real hillbillies, and they freak me the hell out! lol

    Naturally sick bastard is complimentary. It's why we get on so well.

  9. Oh man ... the picture of the snowman 'angered' makes me wish you'd done like a burst mode, and had a series of him walking all zombie-like towards you.

    My friend put this together (his camera is crazy good):

  10. Oh - and also I can't wait til I see snow so I can steal your idea.

    Your brother and you are awesome (you for the idea, him for being cool with mild torture for comedy).

  11. LOL I missed the Zombie pic you posted at first. That's awesome.


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