Monday, January 18, 2010

Let me put songs in your head Vol. 1

Music is my drug of choice and I listen to a lot of it. I thought it might be fun to on Mondays share a few songs to try out in the new week. Let me know what you think of them.

The titles link to youtube where you can give a listen.

1. Imitosis - Andrew Bird - Brilliant violinist and singer. He's pretty big name in the alternative music world. He's known for playing everything through delays and loops so that he can in concert play more than one instrument on each song. This song comes from the album entitled "Armchair Apocrypha" which came out a few years back. Though not my favorite album of his, it was excellent nonetheless.

2. Fairy Tale - Michael Wong - That's the English translation of the title and of his name. Michael Wong is a Chinese singer songwriter. The song and video are both beautiful and sad. I heard that this is based on a true story, which just adds to the heaviness. If you don't feel a pricking at the back of your eyes watching this then you're lacking in the soul department.

3. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Scala & Kolacny Brothers (Belgian girl's choir) - If you've never listened to a song performed by Scala, then prepare to be blown away by this eerie Nirvana cover.

And if you have a suggestion for me to try, I'm all ears.


  1. I feel so old and un-hip. Other than "Smells Like Teen Spirit"(by Nirvana though) I have never heard of any of the mentioned singers :(

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  2. You needn't feel un-hip, I listen to a lot of non-pop music. But they are really excellent.

  3. Just when I think you is some hillbilly bumpkin you goes and uplifts my spirit with your ultra hip rockin and rollin...bravo sir

  4. Hillbilly? Bumpkin? Dude... uncool. Glad you grooved to it though.


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